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 Customers can receive one-on-one help to find their new dog.

The American Kennel Club has launched AKC PuppyVisor™, a personalized dog concierge service to help potential dog owners find their new best friend. Whether looking for a puppy or to give an older dog a good home, the service is designed to walk customers through each stage of the process.

AKC PuppyVisor™ helps dog owners in search of that perfect pup to add to their family by providing one-on-one service with an AKC Adviser. The adviser will assist a potential buyer in finding the right breed to fit their lifestyle, or if they are already set on a specific breed, help them find an AKC National Breed Club and navigate AKC Marketplace to find a responsible breeder that may have puppies available. Customers looking to rescue a dog will find help through access to breed rescues and breeders who have older dogs they are looking to re-home through the AKC Rescue Network.

“Owning a dog can be a wonderful experience. However, buying or rescuing a dog from a responsible source can sometimes be more of a process than a potential owner has anticipated,” said Mark Dunn, Executive Vice President of the AKC. “The AKC can assist with our specific expertise in working with breeders and rescues, as well as providing information that owners can use to become responsible dog owners. We want customers to have a positive experience when getting their new canine family member and form a beautiful bond for many years to come.”

With AKC PuppyVisor™ customers get over 100 years of combined experience from advisers who are breeders, trainers and dog owners through live telephone support. AKC PuppyVisor™ advisers can also help with locating events where owners can see different breeds and meet breeders in person. Customers who purchase the service also receive preparation for conversations with breeders, helpful information for bringing the new puppy/dog home, a lifetime subscription to AKC GoodDog! Helpline and AKC Vetline™.

AKC PuppyVisor™ is available for $249 at