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The American Kennel Club (AKC®), the world’s largest purebred dog registry and leading advocate for dogs, is pleased to announce the deployment of Online Certificate Transfers. The new online application is an updated way for breeders and owners to easily transfer ownership of their AKC registered dogs.

“The American Kennel Club is excited to launch this application.” says AKC EVP, Mark Dunn. “Online Certificate Transfers will expedite processing time and give customers an easier way to record changes in ownership.”


In addition to allowing dog breeders and owners to transfer an AKC registered dog to a new owner, this application makes it possible to add additional or remove owners online. Previously, certificate transfers had to be completed and mailed in on paper. Owners transferring online will also have the option to purchase additional products for their dog, such as a pedigree, lost and found service, and more.