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Updated Toolbar Design Coupled with New Search Function Makes AKC Web Site the Ultimate “Bowser Browser”

The American Kennel Club® is pleased to announce that millions of visitors to its web site — AKC.ORG — can now search its contents using the newly installed Google™ custom search function.

Using Google, the premier search engine on the internet today, AKC.ORG's search functions are greatly expanded. Centrally located in the AKC® banner just right of the AKC logo, the upgraded search box features a bright new color palette with white background.

In addition, a graphic redesign of the main tool bars and the My AKC account log-in box complement the versatile search tool. Once a topic is typed into the search box, the search results will be listed in descending order based on Google's proven web search methods of determining the most relevant web pages on AKC.ORG.

“With the new Google search capabilities and enhanced home page design, navigating around AKC.ORG is better than ever, enabling users to find the information they need quicker,” said AKC Vice President / Chief Information Officer Charles K. Kneifel. “Even the menus with cleaner, larger lettering make the web site more visually pleasing and easier to read.”

The main tool bar, which includes Breeds, Events, Breeders, Dog Owners, Future Dog Owners, Clubs, Registration and Kids/Juniors sections, stands alone while the secondary tool bar featuring the Press Center, Store, Customer Service, About, and Online Services is now centrally located above the search box in a more prominent position for easier access.

AKC.ORG first hit the World Wide Web in 1995. Today, more than 1.6 million monthly unique visitors use the AKC web site in search of information on AKC's 157 recognized breeds, to register online, to find an AKC club in their area, or to take advantage of a variety of tools for breeders such as Online Record Keeping. Visit