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The American Kennel Club announced today the initial delivery of Your AKC, an electronic newsletter delivered monthly to dog lovers’ desktops. Currently, Your AKC has a circulation of 222,000 customers and year-end circulation figures are expected to be 350,000.

Covering the complete world of AKC dogs, Your AKC will feature a broad range of articles and images about purebred dogs, their owners and activities. From breed profiles and performance events, to training tips and canine health, Your AKC offers something for everyone who loves and owns dogs.

“Through Your AKC we will introduce dog lovers to the many AKC events, programs and services and help them enjoy their purebred dogs,” said Noreen Baxter, vice president, communications, AKC.

Each issue will contain links to helpful pages on the AKC web site, as well as interactive polls and surveys that will allow readers to express their opinions on dog-related topics. Your AKC will also introduce some uniquely valuable content from AKC’s flagship publications, AKC Gazette and AKC Family Dog, to electronic readers.

To sign up for a free subscription to Your AKC dog lovers can go here.

The AKC is committed to respecting your rights to privacy. Subscription is free and requires only an email address for delivery. You may unsubscribe at any time. By requesting this subscription, your email address will remain confidential and will not be released for any solicitations. Read the AKC’s privacy policy for more details.