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New York , NY — The American Kennel Club (AKC ® ) is pleased to announce the new AKC Official Litter Certificate for breeders. The Litter Certificate is a beautiful, multi-colored document tracing three generations of a litter’s lineage. In addition to a gold-stamped, framable Litter Certificate each breeder who orders the new product will receive additional black and white copies for each new puppy buyer.

The AKC Litter Certificate shows that a litter has been officially registered with the AKC. The document displays the breeder’s name, the litter whelp date, and the number of puppies in the litter. In addition, it lists the AKC registered name, AKC registered number and stud book date for each dog in the previous three generations of the litter’s lineage.

“The AKC continues its dedication to breeders by giving them valuable resources and the AKC Litter Certificate package is a handsome addition,” said AKC President and CEO Dennis B. Sprung. “Breeders now have a wonderful display certificate as well as a copy for each new puppy owner.”

A breeder can now easily add a copy of the Litter Certificate into the “puppy packet” of information for the buyer as evidence of litter registration with the American Kennel Club. Along with the puppy’s individual dog registration application, there will be no doubt that the breeder is selling an AKC-registrable puppy.

Breeders of record can order the Litter Certificate while registering the litter online or by checking the option on their paper litter registration application.

For further details, visit the online registration web page at