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The AKC is now accepting DNA results produced by MMI Genomics through other registries, such as the Field Dog Stud Book. The move will allow coonhound and field dog customers who have already processed their DNA through MMI Genomics to transfer DNA records so the dog can become AKC DNA certified.

Previously, the AKC did not accept DNA record transfers and if dogs met the Frequently Used Sire DNA requirement the owner was required to submit a sample through the AKC DNA certification department at a cost of $35-40. Now, AKC is offering a reduced rate of $20 per dog to transfer the DNA data and store the information.

“Permitting the transfer of DNA records allows improved service to new customers without compromising our high standards for quality, data integrity and DNA ownership rights,” said Tom Sharp, Assistant Vice President of Compliance for the AKC. “Along with ease of registration, a broad network of clubs, and exciting events, this initiative will go a long way in bolstering the number of registrations as well as dogs eligible to participate in AKC Coonhound Events and Field Trials.”

To transfer DNA records to AKC, dog owners must complete an AKC DNA transfer kit, which can be ordered via the AKC online store or by calling AKC DNA Operations at (919) 816-3508. Customers will need to include a copy of the MMI Genomics DNA Certificate and a new DNA sample on the Foam Tip Applicator (FTA) card along with a properly completed DNA transfer form. This FTA sample will be archived by the AKC, and if a question arises about a dog’s DNA profile, or the parentage of the dog or its offspring is in question, the FTA sample will be processed by MMI Genomics to confirm the dog’s DNA profile.