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In an ongoing effort to improve customer service, the American Kennel Club has launched the new AKC Registration System. This state-of-the-art system will significantly expand our data processing capability and result in much improved customer service.

Some of the key features of the new system are:


  • Integration of registration records with competition records
    Previously, registration and competition records were in two separate systems, leading to occasional discrepancies and delays. Now, a change to a dog’s registration status will be automatically reflected in the competition records, and vice versa.
  • Availability of online registration services
    The new registration system is the first step toward establishing the capability of submitting registration applications through the AKC Website. Online litter registration will soon be available and more online services will follow.
  • Machine-readable registration forms
    Litter applications, dog registrations, transfer forms, and all other registration documents will be scanned directly into the system, thereby eliminating the need for manual keying. This in turn will result in reduced keying errors and significantly improved litter and dog registration turn-around time.
  • Database archiving of registration documents
    Once registration forms and supporting documents are scanned into the system, they will become part of the AKC’s permanent record, and can be retrieved at the touch of a button. Customer service personnel will have instant access to registration records, enabling them to answer questions and resolve problems more quickly.

“These improvements in our registration department are just another example of the many ways that the AKC is preparing for the future,” said AKC Chairman Ron Menaker. “We are becoming more progressive yet ever mindful of our core mission to serve the fancy and protect the purebred dog. Registration is the heart of our organization and this move towards a more accurate and efficient system is a shining example of the new, more modern AKC.”

AKC’s primary concern is the integrity of its registry and stud book and we are confident that the new system is up to the task. Our people have rigorously tested the new system and the results indicate that we are ready to transition from the old system on Monday March 3rd. As with any new system there are always minor items to correct, so we ask for your patience in the coming weeks. The bottom line is that we expect all registration applications submitted to the AKC to be processed by the new system in early March.

We welcome the input of our customers as we implement the new registration system. Please email with your comments, suggestions or questions.