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The American Kennel Club Board of Directors recently formed the Judging Task Force (JTF) to continue the ongoing improvement of all aspects of the dog show judging process from preparation and application to performance in the ring.

The Board-appointed JTF members are Dr. Charles Garvin, AKC Board member; Kent Delaney, AKC multi-group judge; Doug A. Johnson, multi-group AKC judge and AKC Breeder of the Year group honoree; and Daryl Hendricks, AKC Chief Operating Officer.

“We all know that AKC Judges are the best in the world. The goal of this task force will be to continue the ongoing improvement of the judging process from beginning to end,” said JTF Chairman Dr. Garvin.  “By identifying talented judges, integrating exhibitor feedback and examining educational opportunities for judges we can continue to maintain our high standards of judging and grow our sport.”

As the task force moves forward it will study bringing along new judges, enhancing ongoing education for judges seeking new breeds, utilizing exhibitor surveys, and exploring new tools and technologies for assessing judging performance. 

The JTF will reach out to a variety of fanciers, including exhibitors, breeders, judges, owners, field reps, stewards, show committees, commentators, and others for feedback. A dedicated email address has been created specifically for the fancy to send comments directly to the task force.

During the June AKC Board meeting the JTF presented its next steps and will be soliciting input on its plan of action from the fancy. The task force will make periodic reports and recommendations to the AKC Board and updated information will be posted at in the press center.

The American Kennel Club Board of Directors recently formed the Judging Task Force (JTF) to…