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New York, NY The American Kennel Club® Conditional Registration program is now available for any AKC®-registered dog whose parent, through DNA testing, is found to be unidentifiable. Rather than canceling the registrations of the individual dog, all of its littermates and all of their offspring, AKC will change affected dogs’ registration to the conditional status.

The conditional status will be clearly noted on the registration or pedigree of the unknown dog, as well as all progeny for three generations, with the letter Q starting the AKC registration number. Conditional status will only be granted in cases where the dog is believed to be purebred, but a registered parent is found to be incorrect.
“The Conditional Registration program will foster better relationships with dog owners who discover that there is an unidentified ancestor in their purebred dog’s pedigree,” said Thomas Sharp, Assistant Vice President of Compliance. “Now these owners will not be penalized with a revoked AKC registration and the loss of a majority of its benefits. For example, a dog with Conditional registration may still participate in any event in which ILP dogs may participate, including Obedience, Agility, and Rally.”

Conditional registration also offers informed breeders the ability to keep these dogs and their offspring in a breed’s gene pool. To register a litter out of a sire and dame with conditional registration, both parents must be DNA-profiled. After three generations of DNA-profiled parents, the registrations will revert to regular for the litter in the fourth generation. This protocol is in line with the acceptance of imported dogs with three generation pedigrees from the country of origin.

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