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New York, NY- The American Kennel Club® is proud to announce that the Dog Writers Association of America (DWAA) has again honored AKC Gazette with its "Best All-Breed Magazine" award. AKC Publications also won five additional awards at the DWAA awards banquet held on February 14, 2010, after receiving a record 20 nominations. The AKC also received two awards from the Alliance of Purebred Dog Writers (APDW).

"The awards garnered by the AKC Gazette and AKC Family Dog continue a tradition of excellence by our contributors and editors that spans more than 100 years," said Editorial Director, Erika Mansourian. "Both magazines have been enthusiastically embraced by readers – both the dog fancy and the purebred pet owner alike – and we thank the DWAA and APDW for these honors."

The AKC Gazette is the flagship magazine of the American Kennel Club.  Published monthly since 1889, it is recognized as the official journal for the sport of purebred dogs.

AKC Family Dog, geared toward all dog lovers, is published bimonthly, and features expert advice on behavior, training, grooming, and health. Written in a reader-friendly and entertaining style, it's a lifestyle magazine for today's busy families who want to enjoy a rewarding, mutually beneficial relationship with their special dog.

DWAA Awards won by AKC Publications:

  • All-breed magazine
    Winner: AKC Gazette

  • Feature in all-breed magazine
    Winner: Magda Omansky, "On the Scent of A Killer" (AKC Gazette, Dec 2008)

  • Magazine column
    Winner: Bud Boccone, "The ACE Files" (AKC Family Dog)

  • Magazine opinion/essay/editorial
    Winner: Kimberly Sisak, "One Special Girl" (AKC Family Dog, March/April 2009)

  • Series illustration
    Winner: Bud Boccone, "Dog People" (AKC Gazette)
    (tied with Sylvia Nickerson, "By Our Side" (Dogs In Canada Annual))

  • Short fiction
    Winner: Kirsten Marek, D.V.M., "Healing Water" (AKC Family Dog, July/Aug 2009)


APDW Arthur Frederick Jones awards:

  • Long article
    "The Return of Charlie B"
    Kristi Jacobs, AKC Gazette

  • Non-fiction book
    Dogs: The First 125 Years of the American Kennel Club
    (Bowtie, Inc., 2009)

  • Column
    "Making A Hit With the Media"
    Karen Steinrock, AKC Gazette (Newfoundland Breed Column)


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