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AKC’s Gail Miller appeared on NBC’S Today Show Friday, June 11th to discuss the recent findings by German researchers that dogs can comprehend language.

Interviewed by Ann Curry, Miller stated that the findings are, “not surprising at all to anyone who has owned or trained dogs. Dogs are very intelligent and it’s in their nature to want to please their owners.”

She also highlighted AKC Obedience events and the importance of training. Miller advised people to “join a training club or go to a training class, since often it’s the people who need to be trained as much as the dogs,” and directed viewers to the AKC web site to find a local training club.

“Training is fun and creates a stronger canine-human bond, and secondly make the dog a better family member and also a better community member when you them take out amongst people. It’s part of responsible dog ownership,” stated Miller.

Three members of the Portchester Obedience Training Club demonstrated various obedience commands during the segment:

* Bob Amen and Ch Arboretum’s Andropogon CDX, (“Andy”), an Australian Shepherd
* Dorita Slate and Rushmore’s Excaliber Can Do UD, JH, MX, MXJ, (“Cal”), a Golden Retriever
* Daphna Straus and Cezannes Zabar Straus CDX, PT, (“Zabar”), a Pembroke Welsh Corgi

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