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The AKC Employee Events Team (EET) sponsored the “Dog Days of Summer” on Friday, August 20, 2004. Two hot dog carts were stationed in front of the Raleigh office.

In addition to the hot dogs with all the fixin’s, each employee received a 22-ounce stadium cup with the AKC logo. Beautiful sunny weather added to the festive atmosphere as employees lined up to get their “dogs.”

The EET invited the AKC Community Events Team (CET) to join the fun with the “Throw in the Towel.”

This event was set up to collect towels for the NC State University Mobile Veterinary Unit (MVU). The MVU travels throughout the state working with shelters to provide basic veterinary care, spay/neuter procedures, and trauma care to animals that might not get help otherwise. They also use the MVU to assist in disaster situations like floods, hurricanes, etc. The MVU goes through a lot of towels. Towels are used for drying wet animals, bedding for the animals, clean up, and many other uses. AKC employees donated 10 large lawn-size bags worth of towels.

The AKC staff in the Raleigh office has consistently supported great charitable causes like the MVU and the Ronald McDonald House over the years and look forward to continuing this great tradition spearheaded by the EET and CET teams.