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The American Kennel Club® today announced the launch of the Full Litter Registration Application pilot program. Breeders now have the option to register an AKC® litter and individually register each puppy in the litter all at the same time using one easy application form. The full litter registration application offers breeders discounted litter and dog registration fees.

“With this new simplified process, breeders can register the entire litter in their name, select puppy names, and ensure accuracy of additional information like color, sex, and markings of each pup,” said Assistant Vice President Registration / Customer Service David W. Roberts. “Breeders should find this very helpful in regards to record keeping, overseeing breeding stock and selling AKC-registered puppies to pet owners.”

By combining the litter and individual registration applications, breeders not only help AKC fulfill its mission to preserve the integrity of its registry but create value to the new pet owner by offering them an AKC-registered purebred puppy. And new puppy owners still have the option of changing a puppy's name with the breeder's consent.

“Our core constituency asked us for a streamlined process when it comes to registering a whole litter of puppies. We are happy to reward fanciers in their role as breeders of AKC purebred dogs with this new full litter registration application,” said President and CEO Dennis B. Sprung.

The full litter application form joins other AKC registration options with the breeder in mind such as online litter registration. By encouraging AKC registration, breeders help contribute to many important AKC initiatives such as donating towards canine health research, promoting responsible dog ownership and protecting the rights of dog owners.

The full litter application is now available as a downloadable form on the AKC web site at: Breeders who use the full litter registration application can register litters for a flat $25 fee plus $12 per puppy. Discounts on pedigrees are also available. Currently, this registration option is only available via a paper application. The pilot program will be administered for approximately one year.