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— Transfer Fees Eliminated for Online Registrations —

The American Kennel Club (AKC®) is pleased to announce the debut of a new service that enables individual dog owners to more quickly and easily register their dogs at

Beginning today, AKC is issuing dog registration applications containing a unique PIN code. Puppy registrants who obtained their dog from a litter owned by a single individual can log onto the AKC website, enter the PIN code printed on their dog's AKC registration application, and complete their dog's registration in just minutes. Typically, the registration certificate for a dog registered online is printed the next business day.

As an enhancement to AKC's previous online dog registration system, the PIN system does not require the litter owner to enter a dog's information prior to the new owner registering the dog. However, standard AKC rules and policies for registering a dog continue to be enforced via the new online registration process.

Results from a recent pilot study indicate that breeders and dog registrants find the new PIN process easy and convenient. The new PIN feature is one of many online services that AKC has introduced in recent years in order to improve customer service. In October 2003, AKC debuted online litter registration, which today is utilized for more than 40% of AKC's litter registrations.

“Like our litter registration, I expect this new service to become popular,” said AKC President and CEO Dennis Sprung. “It offers an efficient and simple way for customers to work with us 24 hours-a-day, seven days-a-week and represents the kind of innovation we intend to continue introducing.”

Supplemental Transfer Fees Eliminated for Online Registrations
In addition to introducing the PIN service, AKC is also allowing eligible PIN registrants to record all online supplemental transfers free of charge at the time of initial online registration. The process for paper supplemental transfers will remain unchanged, with a $5 fee for each supplemental transfer.

“Because online registration eliminates redundant data entry and makes the process more efficient for the AKC, we are able to offer savings to our customers as well as continue to obtain accurate records about the dog's chain of ownership,” said Sprung.

For further details about the new PIN registration service, visit the online registration web page.