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— Dr. Charles Garvin, Dr. William Newman
& Patricia Scully Elected —

The Annual Meeting of the AKC Delegates took place on March 9, 2010. Three new Directors have been elected: Dr. Charles Garvin, Delegate from the Marion Ohio Kennel Club; Dr. William R. Newman, Delegate from the Mastiff Club of America; Patricia Scully, Delegate from the Obedience Training Club of Hawaii. Dr. Newman was an incumbent candidate. In addition, Ronald H. Menaker was re-elected as Chairman of the Board and Dr. Thomas M. Davies was re-elected as the Vice Chairman of the Board at a meeting of the AKC Board of Directors, convened after the Delegate Meeting.


  • Ronald H. Menaker has been the Chairman of the AKC Board of Directors since 2002. Menaker represents the Greater Freeport Illinois Kennel Club and is Show Chairman for the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship. An active participant in the sport of purebred dogs for nearly 40 years, he bred and exhibited Giant Schnauzers, and has also shown Bedlington Terriers and Norfolk Terriers. A licensed AKC judge since 1994, Menaker is approved to judge Best in Show, all Working breeds, all Sporting breeds and several Terrier breeds. Menaker is also a member of the Board of Overseers for the University of Pennsylvania Veterinary School.

    Menaker is a retired Managing Director and Head of Corporate Services of J.P. Morgan & Co. Incorporated of New York, and a past President and Director of J. P. Morgan Services, Inc. He is also the Vice Chairman and past Chairman of New York Downtown Hospital. Menaker resides in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey with his wife Kathy.

  • Dr. Thomas M. Davies, AKC Delegate for the Springfield Kennel Club, was first elected to the Board in 2000 and has served on the Public Relations Committee, the Events and Clubs Committee, the Breeders Committee and chaired the Group Realignment Committee. 

    Dr. Davies has been involved in several breeds, but has had significant influence on the Bearded Collie. His involvement with the breed began before its official recognition by the AKC when he served as president of the Bearded Collie Club of America. While at this post, Davies was responsible for getting the breed into the AKC Stud Book. He is an honorary lifetime member of the club and is the author of the Bearded Collie standard. In the mid-80’s, Dr. Davies became deeply involved in Siberian Huskies and Belgian Sheepdogs. He and his wife have bred and finished many champions in all three breeds. Dr. Davies continues to be an active member of the fancy.  He is an approved judge for the Herding Group, Akitas and Siberian Huskies. He has served as show chairman for the Springfield Kennel Club and for the Connecticut River Working Group Association, the country’s first Working Group club. He has also served in various capacities for many all-breed and specialty clubs.

    Professionally, Dr. Davies retired from the Bayer Corporation after more than thirty years in various areas of scientific research and product development. He currently resides in Brimfield, Massachusetts with his wife Roberta. 

  • Dr. J. Charles Garvin, of Marion, Ohio, is a returning member of the AKC Board of Directors. He has been closely associated with Dalmatians since the 1960s. Since then, he has had 86 champions in the breed, most of them owner-handled. Dr. Garvin has judged at the Dalmatian Club of America (DCA) national specialty show five times, including the AKC Centennial Show in 1984, and has judged nationals in Canada and Australia. He is served multiple terms as DCA president and has sat on the club’s board of directors for 28 years. A life member of the Central Ohio Kennel Club and the Marion Ohio Kennel Club, he has been Marion’s AKC Delegate since 1990 and a club officer for 27 years. Dr. Garvin is an ophthalmic surgeon and president-chairman of a 72-physician medical-group practice. He and his wife of 33 years, Lynn, have two sons and a daughter.
  • Dr. William R. Newman, of Bedford, Pennsylvania, has been a member of the Mastiff Club of America for 45 years. He has served the club as president, vice president, secretary, AKC Delegate, show chairman, and newsletter founding editor. Dr. Newman has produced numerous Mastiff champions and is the co-breeder of a three-time national-specialty winner. He has judged numerous Mastiff regional specialties and the national specialty show. Deeply committed to canine health, Dr. Newman has served the AKC Canine Health Foundation as a director and Millennium Founder. Dr. Newman is a board-certified radiologist and former hospital chief of staff. Newman holds a B.A. from Hofstra University, in New York, and an M.D. from the State University of New York.
  • Patricia Scully, of Suffern, New York, is a returning member of the AKC Board of Directors. She has been active in purebred dogs since 1962. She has been the Delegate for the Obedience Training Club of Hawaii since 1985, and was chairman of the AKC Delegates Obedience Clubs Committee at its inception. She has finished Pugs in obedience and conformation in several countries and has been an obedience judge for all classes for more than twenty-five years. Scully was a member of the 1996 AKC Presidential Search Committee and is a former president, director, and show and obedience chairman of the Pug Dog Club of America, of which she is an honorary lifetime member.