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DVD To Include Insert With Breed Information

New York, NY— The American Kennel Club® and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment announce a joint effort to educate potential puppy owners. The DVD of family comedy Firehouse Dog, which is being released on July 31, 2007, will include a supplement from the AKC® that details Irish Terrier characteristics, temperament and exercise needs as well as contact information for the Irish Terrier Club of America.

Life is anything but ruff for Rex, Hollywood’s hottest canine action hero. But this top dog is about to hit rock bottom when an aerial movie stunt goes wrong and the pompous pooch finds himself lost and alone in an unfamiliar city. Adopted by a rebellious 12-year-old boy (Josh Hutcherson), whose troubled dad (Bruce Greenwood) commands the ragtag crew of a rundown fire station, Rex soon learns the true meaning of loyalty and friendship while performing the most heroic act of all – bringing a father and son closer together.

“We are exceptionally pleased that the fine traits and qualities of the Irish Terrier are being displayed in this wonderful film; however, we continue to caution anyone who wants to purchase one based solely on what they see at the theater,” stated Gail Miller, AKC’s Director of Marketing.

The AKC breed insert includes the following points:

• As puppies Irish Terriers need a lot of socialization and training to support their upbeat Irish spirit and become loving well-mannered family companions.
• The breed has a dense, hard coat which requires hand stripping at least two times a year.
• Irish Terriers are smart and independent, which could lead them to mischief; a fenced yard is important to keep them from harm’s way.

Before the movie was initially released, the AKC and Twentieth Century Fox filmed a public service announcement with “Rex” and Firehouse Dog star Josh Hutcherson, available on both the AKC’s and Firehouse Dog’s websites, to remind people about making educated decisions before adding a dog to their home.

“We thank Twentieth Century Fox and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment for their continuing cooperation in helping AKC educate prospective puppy buyers. We hope that the information supplement we have provided will make those who purchase this DVD conduct their research and contact the Irish Terrier Club of America if they are interested in owning a dog like Rex,” said Miller.

To learn more about Irish Terriers, the American Kennel Club and responsible dog ownership, visit or the Irish Terrier Club of America at