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The American Kennel Club (AKC®) announced today that any imported dog or bitch registered with the AKC on or after March 1, 2006 will be required to have an AKC DNA profile prior to registering their first litter whelped in the United States.

The policy will require any imported dogs or bitches that sire or produce an AKC-registered or FSS-enrolled litter to have an AKC DNA profile on file before their litter applications will be accepted into the AKC registry. However, from March 1 – May 1, 2006 there will be a limited phase-in period. During this time AKC will register affected litters without delay and notify the owner of the new requirement.

“AKC's DNA consultant Elaine Ostrander and I met with the AKC Board in December 2004 to begin reviewing our DNA program,” said AKC Assistant Vice President of Compliance Tom Sharp. “This new DNA requirement for all imported sires and dams was a new initiative the AKC Board approved this year. As a result, AKC will be able to verify all progeny from imported animals moving forward.”

This requirement does not affect any foreign dogs registered with the AKC before March 1, 2006.

To make their imported breeding stock eligible to sire or produce AKC-registrable puppies, breeders will need to follow the following steps:

  • Obtain a DNA test kit, available at the AKC Store at: and collect cheek swabs samples from their dog or bitch.

  • Send the DNA cheek swab sample along with the required paperwork and fee to the AKC in the envelope provided in the DNA test kit.

  • To eliminate delays in processing litter applications, the completed DNA test kits should be submitted in advance of the litter application.