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— AKC’s Fastest Growing Sport
Adds Fastest New Class —

The American Kennel Club continues with innovations in the sport of Agility by offering new opportunities for exhibitors with the launch of the Time 2 Beat (T2B) Titling Class. It’s the most interactive class to date where the most accurate, quickest dog sets the pace and all levels – Novice, Open and Excellent – compete against each other on the same course.

This new optional class for clubs, most recently tested by more than 5,000 dogs which ran courses nationwide as a special attraction, has proven it’s a fun way to test a handler/dog team’s speed and accuracy. All AKC clubs licensed to hold Agility Trials may immediately apply to hold this exciting new class or add it to events already submitted for approval. Clubs can continue to offer the classes as a special attraction prior to the effective date of July 1, 2011.

“What makes this class so unique and engaging is that the fastest dog in each jump height sets the “Time to Beat” during the competition,” said AKC Director of Agility Carrie DeYoung. “In conjunction with the AKC Agility Advisory Committee, we really listened to our exhibitors and clubs and developed this exciting class with them in mind.”

Courses will be built with obstacles from Jumpers With Weaves, with the option of having one to two contacts included on the course. The setting of the time by exhibitors is different than the current AKC classes (Standard and JWW) where the Standard Course Time (SCT) is set by the course yardage as wheeled by the judge.

The class may be offered as Regular and Preferred once per day as an additional class at a club’s option. This is beneficial to clubs which can add an additional class without making multiple course changes that add time to the day as well as increase entries.

To earn the T2B (Regular) or T2BP (Preferred) title, a dog must earn 15 qualifying scores and 100 points. The T2B title initials will be followed by a numeric designation indicating the number of times the dog has met the requirements of the T2B title. Each time a dog earns the T2B title the number of qualifying scores and points will be reset to zero.

To host a T2B class please contact Event Operations at For more information please visit the Regulations for Agility Trials online at