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At the AKC National Championship in December, the American Kennel Club Political Action Committee (PAC) hosted a fun, new initiative to raise money and awareness of the PAC’s efforts to advance dog-friendly public policy. Donors of $40 or more to the AKC PAC who came by the AKC PAC booth on Saturday or Sunday afternoon got a caricature of themselves and their dog by renowned caricature artist Rafael Diez.

In supporting the AKC PAC, participants are taking an active role helping protect their right to own, exhibit, and breed dogs and ensure that legislators understand that AKC dog club members will hold their legislators responsible for laws impacting dog ownership.

The custom drawings will be published in The AKC Gazette &  Select drawings will be featured in Dog News. Sittings went so quickly that the event will be extended to Friday for the 2019 AKC National Championship with additional social media opportunities.

Check out the images below to identify yourself and your friends – and be sure to plan to participate in 2019.

About the AKC PAC:
The AKC Political Action Committee is a non-partisan organization dedicated to supporting the election of leaders who support responsible dog ownership, the rights of dog owners, and the future of purebred dogs.

Thank you to everyone who donated to the AKC PAC for this event: Wendy Anderson, Gloria Askins, Michelle Barlak, Anne Bowes, Susan Brockmeyer, Kay Collier, Julie Cooper, Willie Crawford, Gale Cummings, Vicki Day, Virginia Denninger, Shirley Engstrom, Ginny Fagan, Nancy Fisk, Robin Gates, Sheila Goffe, Lynda Goldsen, June Guido, Steven Hamblin, Sharyn Hutchens, Jean Kessler, Casey Kilcullen-Steiner, Gail Laberge, Stephen Lange, Pamela Loeb, Jo Lynn, Gloria Marshall, Laurie Maulucci, Karolynne McAteer, Elaine Meacham, Teresa Morrison, Chris Orcutt, Debra Owen, Barbara Ramos, Linda Schwaba, Susan Sholar, Gayle Simon, Dee Simpson, Christopher Sweetwood,  Delbert Thacker, Susan Thrasher, Regina Vallerani, Marilyn Vinson, Sherry Wallis, Doreen Weintraub, Donna Wesemann, and Marla Zoz.

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