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At the AKC National Championship in December, the American Kennel Club Political Action Committee (PAC) hosted its second annual caricature artist fundraiser. Donors of $50 or more to the AKC PAC who came by the AKC PAC booth on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday afternoon sat for a caricature of themselves and/or their dog by renowned caricature artist Rafael Diez.

In supporting the AKC PAC, participants are taking an active role in helping to protect their right to own, exhibit, and breed dogs and ensure that legislators understand that AKC dog club members will hold their legislators responsible for laws impacting dog ownership.

The custom drawings will be published in The AKC Gazette &  Select drawings will be featured in Dog News.

Check out the images below to identify yourself and your friends!

About the AKC PAC:

The AKC Political Action Committee is a non-partisan organization dedicated to supporting the election of leaders who support responsible dog ownership, the rights of dog owners, and the future of purebred dogs.

Thank you to everyone who donated to the AKC PAC for this event: Aletta Moore,  Ann Wallin, Anne Bowes, Azalea Alvarez, Barbara Penny, Barbara Shaw, Betty Winthers, Carole Wilson, Cathy Gaidos, Charles Garvin, Chris Sweetwood, Chrissy Daniel, Daniel Smyth, Debbie Owen, Deborah Kreider, Dominic Carota, Donna Beckman, Donna Wolfe, Doreen Weintraub, Dorothy Swanson, Edith Blackwell, Felice Jarrold, Frances Stephens, Gail LaBerge, Gina DiNardo, Gloria Rowland, Harold (Red) Tatro, James Talbert, Jane Ruthford, Janice Croft, Jann Butler, Jinnie Strickland, Jo Lynn, Joan Dickerson, Joanne Wilds, John McNabney, Karen Cottingham, Karen Dorn, Karolynne McAteer, Kenneth Levison, Laura Trainor, Leslie Reed, Linda Hoff, Linda Wozniak, Lindsay Thorne, Lorraine Ebdon, Lynn Garvin, Margaret Doster, Margaret Pough, Margaret Wolfe, Martha Feltenstein, Mary Morrison, Nance Skoglund, Nancy Shaw, Neal Goodwin, Shelley Miller, Sue Ellen, Healy Susan, Sholar Susan, Thibodeaux, Terri Ebert, Thomas Graham, Valerie Ford, Warren Cook, and Willie Crawford