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It can be challenging to keep an active dog occupied when the weather is bad and they can’t go outside to run.

But you can create fun games to keep your dog busy on inclement days. Mental challenges are just as tiring as physical exercise!

To play the Memory Game, you will need three buckets, each a different color, and plenty of small, soft dog treats.

  • Put your dog in a sit-stay (if he knows that), or have a helper hold your dog (or place him in his crate near enough that he can watch what you are doing).

poodle looking at buckets

  • Set two buckets a few feet apart.
  • Put a treat inside one of the buckets and allow your dog to see as you put the treat inside.

poodle feet buckets

  • Tell him to “find it.” If he goes to the right one, let him have the treat. If he goes to the wrong pail, don’t let him check the one with the treat. Either lure your dog away from the pails or pick up the pail with the treat.

poodle eating

  • Put him back in the sit-stay and repeat. Once he has mastered finding the treat between the two pails, add the third bucket to the game. It will be a little harder to remember with the additional bucket, so be patient. Soon he will be getting it right on the first try, every time!

poodle feet three buckets

poodle eating blue bucket

This game will help your dog with focus and memory. Remember to keep the game short and always end on a happy, successful note.
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