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By April 2019, Bryan Bailey was a desperate man. In September 2018, he and his wife Kira had welcomed a Siberian Husky puppy into their lives. Tikaani was beautiful—solid black with white paws—reminding Bryan of the sled dogs from his childhood in Alaska.

But Tikaani was wasting away. Almost as soon as he arrived at Bryan and Kira’s home, he developed severe diarrhea, which never improved. Bryan, a canine pharmacotherapy behaviorist and co-founder – along with Kira, of behavioral school Taming the Wild – has been in the pet industry for more than 40 years, and owned a veterinary hospital for 20 years—and he’d never seen a case like it.

The Life-Saving Dog Food

The Baileys cycled through 20 foods, including single-ingredient foods and home cooking, and consulted a string of veterinarians and specialists. But by April, nobody had figured out what was going on with poor Tikaani. “It was at a point where we considered euthanizing him because of the quality of life,” Bryan says. “He was literally dying right in front of us. And there was nothing we could do.”

That was when Bryan stumbled on an ad for The Farmer’s Dog, makers of fresh meal plans for dogs, customized to dogs’ age, breed, activity level, and other nutritional needs. In desperation, he completed the questionnaire and ordered a box. The results were dramatic: just a day after eating his first Farmer’s Dog meal, Tikaani’s stools were normal, for the first time since he arrived at Bryan and Kira’s home.

“We wouldn’t believe this—I honestly wouldn’t, if someone told this to me—if it hadn’t been our own dog,” Bryan says. Today, Tikaani is another dog entirely, Bryan says: “He’s active, he’s alert, he’s beautiful, he’s a stunning dog with an incredible personality. And I attribute all of that, I give 100 percent credit to The Farmer’s Dog.”

Elvis the French Bulldog looks forward to his delivery of The Farmer’s Dog.

Dog Food Fit For Humans

The Farmer’s Dog has been working miracles in dogs’ lives since 2014. It all started when co-founder Brett turned to home-cooking to solve the stomach problems that had been plaguing his dog Jada for two years. Brett cooked up some real meat and fresh veggies—the kind of food he saw pictured on bags of kibble, though the meal he prepared looked nothing like the pellets in those bags.

Jada’s health problems cleared up immediately—and the rest is history. Though they now feed countless dogs around the country, The Farmer’s Dog is still all about fresh, simple, whole food, sourced from human-food purveyors, all based in the USA. And behind each recipe is a team of veterinary nutritionists, making sure the meals are always perfectly nutritionally balanced.

In fact, The Farmer’s Dog is so sure you and your dog will love its recipes that it shares them for pup lovers to cook at home. The ground beef and veggies meal includes lean meat, liver, lentils, three fresh vegetables, and the nine essential nutrients that come in The Farmer’s Dog’s nutrition packs. While The Farmer’s Dog wholly supports home-cooking, a study out of UC Davis found that 95 percent of home-cooked recipes are not complete and balanced for daily feeding. That’s why they take the guesswork out and ensure all meal plans have the essential nutrients needed by each individual dog.

The Benefits of Farmer’s Dog for All Dogs

These days, The Farmer’s Dog counts canine celebrities among its fans. Elvis the French Bulldog has more than 200,000 fans—and, like many bulldogs, a sensitive digestive system. For the first five years of his life, he was in and out of hospital with pancreatitis, would vomit frequently, and had constantly elevated liver enzymes.

Elvis’s owner Jess Stebbins fed Elvis only the best-quality kibble, and later tried a raw-food diet, but nothing worked—until Jess found The Farmer’s Dog. Since she switched Elvis’s food in January 2018, he’s had no more vomiting, no more pancreatitis, and his liver enzymes are back to normal. To say Jess is relieved doesn’t cover it: “I don’t know what I was going to do otherwise, honestly. I was just at my wits’ end.”

Elvis and his sister, Coco, both French Bulldogs

And since Jess shared her experiences on Elvis’s Instagram feed, up to a thousand other dog owners have sent her stories of their own dogs’ dramatic improvements on The Farmer’s Dog.

Meanwhile in Indiana, Ivy, a Boxer–Pit Bull mix, had suffered allergies and inflammation her whole life. Aged eight, she had red, cracked ears and a bright red stomach, and would vomit frequently. Owner Danelle Harvey tried medications, vet visits, and a variety of diets, but nothing seemed to help.

Until—you guessed it—Danelle found The Farmer’s Dog. The first change she noticed was that Ivy no longer needed to gulp water all day long. Over the following days and weeks, Ivy’s inflammation cleared, she lost the extra weight she’d been carrying, and her energy level soared.

“She pops out of her bed in the morning and she runs downstairs,” Danelle told the American Kennel Club. “She is so happy and so excited to get up and eat. You can just tell she feels so good.”

It’s All About Convenience

The Farmer’s Dog has improved the lives of all types of dogs — both healthy dogs and dogs with specific health issues. The happy families that use The Farmer’s Dog stress that not only has the food improved their dog’s health, happiness, and appetite—it’s made their own lives infinitely easier, too.

Isabel Klee with her dog, Simon. Photo courtesy of The Dogist / Elias Weiss Friedman

As project manager at The Dogist, Isabel Klee leads a busy life—which got busier still when puppy Simon came into her life earlier this year. With little time to plan Simon’s meals, but wanting to give him the most nutritious food possible, Isabel turned to The Farmer’s Dog—and hasn’t looked back. “It’s really clean, straightforward, easy to use, they tell you the portion size, they tell you what’s in it,” Isabel says. And unlike some other raw or fresh food diets, there’s no figuring out when to thaw food or how to balance the nutrients.

And when Simon recently had a health scare, The Farmer’s Dog sent flowers to Isabel’s door. “It’s more than just the food, it’s the whole company,” she told the American Kennel Club. “They’re just wonderful people, and we’ve had nothing but a wonderful experience with them.”

The Farmer’s Dog ships to the 48 contiguous states, in environmentally friendly refrigerated packaging, and times shipments so that you never run out of food.

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