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Trick Dog Jumping Through Arms

Most dog owners know the enjoyment and sense of accomplishment that comes from teaching their dog a trick or two. Trick training is fun for humans and dogs; dogs enjoy learning tricks and earning rewards for their success. And it’s a great teamwork experience for both. But did you know that AKC Trick Dog is now being demonstrated at the AKC National Championship presented by Royal Canin?

What Might You See?

In AKC Trick Dog, there are several levels of titles teams can compete for: novice, intermediate, advanced, and performer. Each level has a specified set of tricks to choose from, and the team must successfully perform 10 tricks to advance to the next level. Tricks can be for entertainment, such as “cover your eyes;” a physical activity like weaving through the handler’s legs; or a practical activity like turning on a pressure-sensitive light. What they all have in common is that they are fun to watch and even more fun to participate in.

At the AKC National Championship, Trick Dog demonstrations will be held in the Eukanuba Demonstration ring. In this ring, you’ll be able to see Trick Dog as well as AKC Scent Work, nutritional talks, and more.

Sharon Yildiz and Dash

One trick team you’ll see performing in Orlando is Sharon Yildiz and her Papillon, Dash. Sharon and Dash will be showing a routine where Dash “joins the circus.” Dash will even walk on a tightrope! He may be small, but Dash has earned the highest trick dog titles in both national and international organizations. He knows over 50 tricks, both with and without props. Dash and Sharon are an incredible example of just what you can do with trick training.

Learn more about this dynamic duo here.

At its most basic, a trick is simply a behavior, and learning these behaviors is mentally and often physically stimulating for dogs. It’s a shared experience, too, that uses positive training, can be done pretty much anywhere and at any time, and is a terrific bonding experience for dog and owner.

At the AKC Trick Dog demonstration, you’ll see some amazing tricks and share in the sheer joy that the dogs (and their owners) experience as they perform together. And you may be inspired to start trick training with your own dog. Who knows? Maybe we’ll all be watching your team at an AKC Trick Dog event sometime soon!