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On August 28th, Crystal Diamond RD, a standard Poodle, had a litter of 16 puppies. We'll give you a moment to let that sink in…

Yup, 16 PUPPIES.

According to the Jamestown Sun, Crystal's owner, Kelli Hewitt, believes that they have tied the record for the largest standard Poodle litter.

16 certainly is a lot of puppies! And even more importantly, they were all born healthy. “Crystal didn't have any complications,” Hewitt told the Sun. The family watched over their dog for 24 hours and everything went smoothly.

This was Crystal's first litter of puppies. The Hewitts have been breeding dogs for five years, but never expected anything like this.

“It never crossed my mind,” Hewitt said when the Sun asked if she would ever have a dog with that many puppies in one litter. “It was a shock.”

Now, many of the puppies have gone to their new homes.

Check out some of their adorable faces.

Congratulations to Crystal and the Hewitt family!

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