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Yellow Labrador Retriever

A little girl’s close relationship with her Labrador Retriever puppy may have saved her life.

Last week, Amanda Goodman picked up her six-year-old daughter, Olivia, from school after the child became sick. According to ETV, Olivia was napping on the couch with her nine-month-old puppy, Baxter, when, unbeknown to the mother, she began to have a seizure. Baxter started trying to alert Goodman to the situation by barking, growling, and pacing, but Goodman didn’t realize the reason he was acting up. “I shouted at him many times to be quiet not to wake her,” she confessed.

Baxter then jumped on top of Olivia, pulling off the covers. That’s when Goodman saw her daughter had rolled face-first onto her pillow and was choking on vomit.

Olivia recovered at a nearby children’s hospital. Goodman calls Baxter their hero, noting that he and her daughter have been joined at the hip since they got him.

“She owes her life to this puppy,” she said.

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