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“Most Popular Dog Names” is a common search term, with lists going out almost as regularly as your dog does. But we don’t usually come across ones that connect popular names to their specific breeds.

Based on 2015 data sourced from members who included pet information in their profile settings on a social network called Nextdoor, some of the top names seem to make sense for the breed’s history and reputation—“Rocky” for Boxers, “Max” for German Shepherds, and “Bailey,” which takes first place for both Labs and Goldens. We're not sure why “Gizmo” hits the top spot for Shi Tzu, but there are plenty of Instagram accounts and Facebook pages for them.

“Bella” is the paws down favorite name of all of the dog owners participating, and that includes mixed breeds. Here is the full breakdown. (At top are the most popular names overall.) Did your breed’s name make the list?

Nextdoor, is a free and private social network used as a platform for neighbors to share information and communicate about and issues in their communities, such as local events, recent crime activity, and of course, pet-related information, such as posting about a lost pet or sharing veterinarian and dog sitter recommendations.


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