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Dogs bring so many simple joys in life — they are hard workers, great cuddlers, and loyal friends. When a beloved dog dies, it is often said that they cross “The Rainbow Bridge.” The first time the term Rainbow Bridge was used in reference to animals is believed to be in a poem by Paul C. Dahm in the 1980s and 1990s.

Whether you lost your canine companion last week, last year, or even years ago, their memory is surely still alive — and that’s a good thing! Experts in pet grief recommend memorializing your pet as part of the grieving process. Not only does this help grief come full circle, but it also creates lasting memories you will appreciate in years to come.

To honor beloved dogs everywhere, we’ve compiled a list of the best dog memorial products to help you remember your best friend.

Dog Memorial Jewelry

Memorial Pendants and Earrings

This product allows you to not only show off your late pet, but memorialize them in the form of earrings, necklace pendants, and charms. The manufacturer mentions that this jewelry is suitable for everyone and is made out of 100 percent recycled sterling silver. Made in the USA, consumers can choose lengths of their wanted jewelry or select the pendant alone. Price: $60-295

Angel Tree Toppers

Personalized Holiday Ornaments

Collie, Rough, Treetop Angel

What better way to top your Christmas tree than with a beautiful representation of your dog? The angelic imagery and whimsical details of this tree topper make this a truly unique and interesting piece and it’s a great addition to your breed holiday collectibles. The Dog Treetop Angel is mounted on a clear plastic cone, dressed in a lovely gown of white dotted nylon net and ruffled lace over satin each angel is accented with silver streamers and wings and topped with a silver halo. Price: $30

Customizable Dog Welcome Signs

Customizable Slate Sign Featuring Your Dog


As you honor your late pet with this customizable sign, display the decor on your desk or door. The sign comes with a leather strap and a personalized message to put on display. Consumers can email their photos to in order to customize their personal keepsakes. The signs are designed in squares that size as 7.5″ by 7.5″. Price: $55

Dog Keepsake Box

Customizable Keepsake Box


This unique memory box allows you to remember your late pet with a personal keepsake printed on the exterior. Customized to fit 6″ by 8″ photographs, this box holds letters, stationery, and much more. Similar to the item above, consumers can email their photographs to The manufacturer notes that consumers can receive their gift two to three weeks after placing the order. Price: $105

Urns for Dogs

Hand Painted Cherry Wood Urn


Honor your pet with this hand-painted dog urn. Consumers can submit photographs to have their late pet memorialized on this wooden urn. Made in the U.S.A., the box measures at 5 3/8″ wide, 8 5/16″ long, and 5 1/8″ high. Additionally, the urn is designed to store your late pet’s toys, collar, and dog tag. Price: $120

Dog Rainbow Bridge Graphic Tee

Somewhere Over the Rainbow Bridge Teddy Graphics


If you’re looking for a fun way to memorialize your pet, this graphic T-shirt is for you. Not only will you be honoring your pet, but you’ll honor all those who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Made of 100 percent ringspun cotton jersey, these shirts are lightweight and high-quality. The manufacturer allows pet owners to customize shirts with the name of their beloved pet. Additionally, the shirts are decorated in the U.S.A. and consumers can order shirts in a variety of sizes and colors. Currently, they have women and men’s sizes while also featuring canvas totes.

Consumers highlight that the shirts are very sentimental. Some state that they would buy this item again. One customer highlighted that the customizable name option makes the shirt that much more nostalgic. Price: $32

Grieving the loss of a furry friend? Consider joining the AKC Pet Loss Support Group on Facebook. We hope the community will help you during this difficult time.

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