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dog with ice cream

No shirt, no shoes, no service — a phrase common across the food and beverage industry. But no dogs? That’s a phrase that multiple chain restaurants don’t have in their vocabulary. In fact, these nine restaurants offer everything from sweet biscuit treats to canine-friendly hamburger patties. Next time you visit one of the following chains, you can pick up something for your canine companion as well.

Note: While these are treats created for your pet, they should be consumed in moderation. Some of these items include dairy, sugar, or fat which can cause stomach aches or weight gain. While it is OK for dogs to have a little milk, owners should be cognizant of the symptoms of lactose intolerance.

1. Dunkin’ Donuts

America may run on Dunkin’, but when you are in the drive-thru with your cuddly companion, ask the staff for a puppy latte — whipped cream in a cup. And if you want to sit and stay awhile, ask them for dog treats.

2. Starbucks

This list wouldn’t be complete without the famous Puppuccino. All you have to do is ask your barista for the lick-able treat, which is made out with a small amount of espresso and whipped cream.

3. Shake Shack

This chain started out as a hot dog vendor in the middle of New York’s Madison Square Park, which includes a well-visited dog hangout for furry friends. In honor of its roots, this chain features a “For Dogs” menu on their website, but when visiting, ask for a Pooch-ini. This small dessert includes dog biscuits and vanilla custard. Owners can also pick up a Bag O’ Bones which is a bag of five dog biscuits made by New York’s Bocce’s Bakery. “Shake Shack’s dog menu is available at all Shake Shacks except stadiums, ballparks, airports, and international outposts,” the company’s website states.

4. Sprinkles

This cupcake and dessert chain started out as a Beverly Hills bakery in 2005, but in 2012 created the first cupcake ATM. Now, their menu includes sweet treats for dogs. Pupcakes, made out of sugar, egg whites, and buttermilk, also come in a sugar-free version. These small cupcakes are topped with yogurt frosting.

5. Culver’s

Known for their fresh custard, Culver’s offers dog biscuits. If you drive thru specific locations, you can ask them for a little extra treat. Their milk bone will come with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, but make sure to enjoy it in moderation.

6. Dairy Queen

A rival of frozen custard, but known for its famous Blizzard, Dairy Queen also offers Pup Cups. Similar to the others in this list, it includes a dog treat smack dab in the middle of vanilla ice cream.

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7. In-N-Out

This Southwest and Pacific Coast chain offers a couple of options for your furry friend. The first is a pup patty, which is a salt-free burger. The second, Flying Dutchman, consists of two beef patties with a slice of cheese. Your pooch will have you flying across the country to have a taste.

8. Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar

Though this chain is predominantly located in Southern California, it does have locations in other states like Texas, Illinois, and Georgia. On their website, the company flaunts their dog menu to honor the name, and the menu includes a complimentary bowl of water with a choice of grilled chicken breast, grilled hamburger patty, or brown rice.

9. Johnny Rockets

This franchise takes after the 1950s era with its diner decor but showcases its love for your companions. The chain will serve your pup a cut-up hamburger patty with a bowl of water.

Next time you decide to have a meal out of the house, consider taking your canine friend along, ensuring to bring your bond closer.

Again, these treats contain extra calories which may cause weight gain, as well as added fat or sugar which may not be recommended if your dog is already fighting obesity, diabetes, or has a history of intolerance to dairy products or susceptible to gastrointestinal issues and pancreatitis. Because of these, use common sense, ask your veterinarian when in question, and remember, all menu items should be enjoyed in moderation — even a lick should suffice.

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