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It’s a cold heart, indeed, that can resist a Havanese. Even if you prefer large dogs, working dogs, or no dogs at all, this bundle of charm can turn you into a fan. What’s so winning about this toy breed?

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1. Just look at him! That silky coat, arched tail, and soulful brown eyes are irresistible. Some Havanese have long flowing coats, others are clipped short. Some owners even cord the coats to resemble a peewee Puli. This breed looks good in any hairdo.

2. He’s a national treasure. This little guy is so beloved in his homeland of Cuba that he’s the national dog and only native breed. You might have guessed this from his name: Havanese = from Havana. The Havanese was a favorite of Cuban aristocracy and later the most popular dog of Cuban sugar barons.

3. Watch him in action. Havanese (same name whether singular or plural) have a lively, spirited gait that is a characteristic of the breed. If there’s such a thing as a happy walk, the Havanese exemplifies it.

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4. As small as he is, the Havanese is an athlete and competitor. He excels at dog sports like rally, agility, and tracking. And he shows beautifully in obedience and conformation. He’s also energetic and thrives on daily exercise.

5. He makes people happy. The breed is so outgoing and affectionate that Havanese are often used as therapy dogs, bringing a ray of sunshine to nursing homes and hospitals. Not to mention, he laps up all the attention.

6. He’s everything you could want in a canine companion. Smart, trainable, clownish, and loyal, the Havanese is so sweet and playful that he can melt the iciest heart. He’s won devoted fans with his charm, looks, and personality.
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