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Both dogs and owners alike celebrate the coming of spring. After the snow has melted and the grass starts to green, you and your dog finally have the opportunity to get outside and enjoy warmer weather. Just as there are essentials for winter—items that keep your dog warm and safe from the cold—there are also specific dog products perfect for spring. To find the very best spring essentials, we scoured the internet and consulted our product experts in the AKC Shop. Here are our top dog products for spring:

Our Favorite Organic Dog Shampoo and Conditioner

Pure and Natural Pet 2-in-1 Grain Free Organic Shampoo and Conditioner

Although spring means warmer weather, it also means rain. For dog owners, that means often having to clean off a muddy dog. Pure and Natural’s 2-in-1 organic shampoo and conditioner is your solution to any dog “spring cleaning” problems.

This bottle contains 16 fluid ounces of lavender-and-mint scented liquid that’s sure to leave your dog nice and clean. Certified organic, this soothing and grain-free formula is perfect for pets with sensitive or itchy skin. It has no preservatives or additives, no chemical foaming agents, no chemicals or dyes, and no parabens, sulfates, or formaldehyde.

Price: $15.00

Best Dog Bike Basket with a Washable Cover

Buddy Bike Basket

dog products for spring

Never feel like you have to leave your dog home while you go on a spring bike ride again. This basket allows your dog (as long as they’re 15 lbs or under) to go on a bike ride with you—while also keeping them safe, secure, and comfortable. The basket, which comes in both pink and gray, securely straps to your bicycle and comes with a machine-washable quilt and fleece cover. The safety strap, which secures to a harness, keeps your dog inside the basket.

Plus, the stiched-in, high-visibility reflective tape allows you both to ride safely at nighttime. Don’t worry about spring rain. The basket includes a rain cover to keep your dog dry. It also has a mesh water bottle holder and pockets for treats—everything you and your dog need for a bike-riding adventure. Users of this basket say their dog loves to ride in it and it’s easy to assemble onto your bike. One reviewer warns that the basket can move around a bit when you get started riding—so you’ll want to take extra care when doing so.

Price: $86.99

Best Waterproof and Cold-Weather Dog Raincoat

Hurtta Drizzle Coat


Don’t worry about wind, rain, or mud with this dog raincoat. This raincoat will keep your dog protected from all kinds of elements, thanks to the warming foil patterning inside and waterproof material outside. The Drizzle coat is designed to fit all different breeds and has numerous adjustment points to not only ensure a good fit but also to make sure that your dog can move around easily.

The coat comes in two colors—raven and currant—and various sizes. Additional features include a waterproof rain trap inside the collar and reflectors throughout the coat for visibility at night. Customer reviews say this raincoat fits their dog well and adjusts easily. One reviewer comments the only parts of her dog she has to dry are his feet and chin.

Price: $60.99 and up

Our Favorite Non-Spray Dog Insect Repellent

Seresto Flea & Tick Collar for Dogs

Seresto Flea & Tick Collar for Dogs, over 18 lbs

We do everything to keep the bugs away when the weather gets warm. Unfortunately, this is something we have to consider when it comes to our dogs as well. If you don’t want to use an insect repellent spray on your dog, then the Seresto Flea & Tick Collar for Dogs is perfect for your canine companion (as long as they’re over seven weeks old). Seresto offers collars for small dogs weighing up to 18 pounds and medium and large dogs over 18 pounds.

The easy-to-use and adjustable collar kills and repels not only fleas and ticks but also flea larvae and lice. One collar lasts eight months, but you can also buy a 2-pack that lasts 16 months. Many happy customers agree that their dogs are less itchy after wearing these collars, though others advise not to put them on too tightly and to keep an eye out for any skin irritation.

Price: $51.76 and up

Best At-Home Dog Agility Equipment

Agility Essentials Set

At home agility set

Get your dog involved in an activity that will stimulate their body and mind—one that’s perfect for spring weather. All you need to start training your dog for agility is a set that contains essential items, such as a weave pole set, adjustable bar jump, and adjustable tire jump. All three obstacles are made in the USA of durable PVC pipe to withstand both wear and weather. This set requires owner assembly, but all of the obstacles can easily be adjusted for your dog and moved if need be.

Several reviewers of this agility set agree that it’s easy to set up and use, and the obstacles are great dog products to start agility training. Customers also warn buyers, however, that the set does not hold up as well with bigger dogs as it does with smaller ones.

Price: $155

Our Favorite Apparel Item for Dog Owners: Dog Baseball Cap

Breed-Specific Embroidered Baseball Cap

dog products for spring

Play ball! Head out to the field with your dog and protect your eyes from the sun (and look adorable while doing it) with this breed-specific embroidered baseball cap. This cap is gender-neutral, one size (has an adjustable leather strap with antique brass buckle), and comes in eight colors—turquoise, light blue, denim, gray, green, orange, red, and yellow.

Made in the USA of 100% cotton twill, this dog baseball cap has a mesh lining to keep you cool while tossing the tennis ball outside with your pup. Even better, you can show off your favorite breed and even match your dog—this cap is available in over 100 different breed embroidery options.

Purchasers of this cap say it fits well, the embroidery is high-quality, and it makes a great Father’s Day gift. One customer comments the gray is more like khaki, so that’s something to keep in mind if you’re looking at that particular color.

Price: $24.99

Best Car Protector: Dog Backseat Hammock

Active Pets Backseat Dog Cover

Active Pets Dog Car Seat Cover for Back Seat

If there’s one thing that’s worse than dealing with a muddy, dirty dog, it’s having that same dog in the backseat of your freshly cleaned car. We love bringing our dogs along in the car, but any owner will admit it’s hard to clean out your car after those trips. Luckily, this Active Pets backseat hammock was designed to protect your backseat, no matter what kind of car you have.

This cover is easy to clean. You can machine-wash it or just wipe it down. The Active Pets backseat dog cover is simple to install and can convert from a hammock to regular seat coverage. It comes in multiple colors and is equipped with both headrests and seat anchors to keep the cover in place (and your dog safe, of course).

Happy reviewers of this product confirm that it’s easy to install, durable, and doesn’t slip. Most importantly, users say it does, in fact, protect their back seats. Some reviewers feel that the cover doesn’t hold up for bigger dogs and isn’t truly slip-resistant, though.

Price: $39.99 and up

Best Dog Sign to Put in Your Yard

Breed-Specific Welcome Sign

dog products for spring

Welcome guests to your home with this breed-specific sign. Made in the USA, this oak sign is hand-painted and available in different designs. Show off your love for your breed and plant this sign in your front yard.

Price: $84.99

Best On-the-Go Dog Water Bottle

PETKIT Portable Dog Water Bottle

PETKIT BPA Free Dog Water Bottle with Filter

Don’t worry about your dog being thirsty on spring adventures when you have this portable water bottle. The PETKIT dog water bottle comes in four colors: white, green, blue, and gray. It can be carried conveniently with one hand. No bowl is required for this portable water bottle—the four-ounce bottle already has one built in. The core of the bottle contains a water filter that absorbs impurities and reduces chlorine. The filter is 100% extracted from coconut fiber.

Not only will you be able to quickly and easily hydrate your dog while out and about, but you’ll also make sure they’re getting clean water from a safe dispenser. Plus, the bottle is leakproof, with sealed silicone and a lock key, so you don’t have to worry about it spilling in your bag or car.

Verified reviewers love this water bottle, saying it’s perfect for all kinds of travel and trips with your dog. Users confirm that it doesn’t spill and is very easy for dogs to use. One customer even said her picky dog who didn’t like other water bottles liked using this one from PETKIT. It’s worth noting, however, that some users feel this bottle is on the smaller side and doesn’t carry as much water as they would like—making it not as helpful for big drinkers.

Price: $10.99 and up

Most Festive Spring Floral Dog Collar

Blueberry Pet Spring Scent Floral Collection

dog products for spring

Let your dog celebrate the spring season with the special Spring Scent Floral collection collars from Blueberry Pet. These collars come in 13 fun and festive spring patterns, from baby pink to pastel blue. Made of high-density polyester, the collars are soft, yet durable. The buckles consist of eco-friendly plastic. The Blueberry Spring Floral collars come in sizes extra-small through large.

If you want to upgrade your dog’s whole look this season, you can also purchase a Blueberry product bundle that contains a matching leash, harness, and seatbelt tether! Customers of these collars cannot say enough about “how cute” they are, how great the quality is, and how they’re perfect for everyday use. Many reviewers have trouble determining the right size for their pup, so you’ll want to pay extra attention to the sizing chart when you’re ordering.

Price: $14.99 and up

Most Stylish and Comfortable Dog Bandanas

Unique Style Paws Dog Bandana

Upgrade your dog’s style with a bandana from Unique Style Paws. These individually sold bandanas come in small or large sizes. Plus, there are 22 different patterns available, from fun florals (perfect for spring!) to bright plaid. These cotton bandanas are machine washable and vibrant. Reviewers say that sometimes these bandanas run large, so you may need to follow the brand’s measurement instructions to ensure you buy the correct size for your dog.

Price: $9.99 and up

Our Favorite Fashionable Dog Raincoat

RC Pet Products Packable Rain Poncho

RC Pet Products Packable Dog Rain Poncho

You may be caught in the spring rain, but don’t let your dog get caught out of style. These rain ponchos are made for the fashion-forward dog and owner, with fun patterns and colors available. But these coats aren’t just about style. They’re also lightweight and water resistant with a hood sewn in for extra coverage. The poncho has an adjustable Velcro waistband and hole for leash access and comes in a compact pouch that can attach to a leash. If your dog doesn’t need additional warmth, this lightweight shell is perfect for them.

This rain poncho is great for small and large dogs alike, available in numerous sizes. Customer reviewers say this raincoat is lightweight and great for all kinds of dogs, big and small. Reviewers comment that the leash openings are particularly useful and the adjustable fit doesn’t interfere with dogs using the bathroom. Many reviewers also remind buyers that this is a very lightweight raincoat. If you’re looking for something more heavy-duty, this is probably not the right raincoat for you. Also, some sizes and patterns are frequently sold out.

Price: $12 and up

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