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boston terrier 03

1. Farting. You can laugh all you want, but only Boston Terrier owners truly feel the pain. The smells that come out these little guys’ behinds is unreal.


2. A typical Boston day: Curiosity. Excitement. SPAZ. Crash.


3. They are the kings of the cocked head. 



4. They take over the whole bed and keep you up all night with their loud, deep-sleep snores. But waking up to this cute face makes it TOTALLY worth it.  


5. They have that big dog attitude. “I may weigh only 15 lb, but when I look in the mirror, I see 115 lb.”


6. They're happy to do anything. Go for a walk? Cool! Play with a bunch of kids? Count me in! Snuggle time? Sounds great! 


7.  They have killer smiles. 

Credit: Instagram/@MonsterTheBT


8. Break out the ball, and expect to see a dog OBSESSED. 


9. The drool, dear God, the drool. Sometimes, they're even able to blow a slobber bubble which hangs off the side of their mouth. #Talent

Credit: Instagram/@MonsterTheBT


10. They aren’t called the “American Gentlemen” for nothing. 


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