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The Cane Corso in an ancient breed, one of the two native Italian mastiff-type dogs descended from the canis Pugnaces of Rome. These dogs are extremely athletic, loyal, and versatile, traits that developed because of their role as all-around farm dogs in rural Italy. The breed is known for its muscular physique and imposing appearance, but here are some things that may surprise you:

1. The Cane Corso is a regal dog that maintains an air of serious decorum at all times.

Cane Corso 1

Except snuggle time…

Cane Corso 2a

And maybe snack time.

Cane Corso 2b

2. Despite his protective nature and tough exterior, the Cane Corso is a very sensitive dog where his loving family is concerned.

Cane Corso 4

3. For their size, they are truly and astonishingly fast and agile.

Cane Corso 5

4. They drool occasionally, especially when a potential snack is involved.

Cane Croso 6

5. They are goofy and fun loving.

Cane Corso 7

6. The are excellent listeners.

Cane Corso 8

7. They make decent foot warmers and even better couch warmers.

Cane Corso 9

8. They are willing to do just about anything with their person.

9. They are pleasers. In spite of the occasional adolescent stubbornness, they always aim to please their people.

Cane Corso 11

10. The Cane Corso’s No. 1 priority (even above snacks) is to be with his family, as much as possible and as close as possible.

Cane Corso 12

Annie Wildmoser is a member of the Cane Corso Association of America‘s Board of Directors.
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