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king of the castle
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With more than 60 million households in the United States owning a dog, pups have infiltrated our lives in the best way possible. Our canine companions have become a part of the family, but sometimes they inch a little too close to the top dog title. (Training can help with that!) If any of these signs look familiar, your pup may very well be king of the castle. Have a cookie, your majesty!

1. You spend more on dog food than on people food.

2. You don’t make the bed because the dog is still sleeping in it.

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3. The dog has his own chair in the living room.

4. You have a three-ring binder of instructions for the dog sitter.

5. Your dog gets more birthday presents than your spouse.

6. The dog has more toys than the children.

7. When you come home, you greet the dog first.

8. You have more photos of the dog on your phone than you do of your kids.

9. You insist the dog be in all family photos.

10. You’d like to stand up and get a snack, but you can’t because the dog is asleep in your lap.

11. All of your clothing is accessorized with dog hair.

12. The dog’s bed is ultra-plush and top-of-the-line, while you sleep on a 15-year-old mattress.

13. You have an extra-large office chair because you need to make room for the dog.

14. You drink tap water while the dog drinks bottled water.

15. The dog has three different winter coats, while you just have one.

16. You contemplate changing out the living room carpet for one that matches your dog’s hair color.

17. When the dog takes all the blankets in bed, you bear the cold because you don’t want to disturb him.

18. You play the same song over and over, because you like to hear the dog “sing” along.

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