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Sending puppies to their new homes with a “new puppy kit,” which includes a selection of useful items for the dog, is a thoughtful way to help puppy buyers get off to the best possible start with their new friend. Even if this is not the buyer’s first puppy, a thoughtfully curated kit ensures he or she will have the puppy’s familiar necessities to get through the first several days, along with some vital information.

Be sure that your puppies are registered, so that their new owners can enjoy the many benefits that AKC registration offers. Ask the puppy owners to choose a name before they arrive to pick up their pup. Then help them fill out the application before they leave. Even better, ask them for a check, so that you can submit the application for them, or sit down in front of the computer and help them register online.

Important things to include in your puppy kits:

  • A few days supply of the food that the puppy is currently being fed
  • Pedigree
  • Breeder’s contract
  • A document detailing feeding instructions and daily routine
  • Medical records to date, including vaccinations, de-worming, and when the next vet visit is due
  • A document with tips on grooming and training, breed club information, and safety for the puppy

Not absolutely necessary, but very nice:

  • Appropriately sized feeding dish
  • Collar and leash
  • A few waste pickup bags
  • Appropriate, safe chew toys
  • Towel or blanket that smells familiar
  • Photos of the sire and dam, grandparents, if possible, as well as puppy photos that the owners will enjoy looking at when their new addition is grown up!

This kit is more than a tempting goody bag; it’s something that shows you want the best for the puppies you place. Make your contact information prominent in the documents, so that your buyer can reach you with any questions. Many puppy buyers become lifelong friends to their puppies’ breeders, and you will enjoy hearing about how well the pups are doing with their new families for years to come.