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Changing a dog’s ownership now requires a stroll to your computer instead of a trip to the post office.

Adding a co-owner or transferring a dog to a new owner is easier and faster with the launch of AKC Online Certificate Transfers.

As of November 1, breeders and owners no longer have to write checks, mail documents, then wait for processing. Breeders have had the capability of registering litters online since 2005. The online transfer process is part of AKC’s continuing efforts to help breeders get the services they need quickly.

“The American Kennel Club is excited to bring this new process to our customers,” AKC Executive Vice President Mark Dunn said.  “Online Certificate Transfers will expedite processing time and give dog owners an easier way to record changes in ownership.”

AKC has not changed any rules or requirements for transfers, just streamlined the process. When breeders have the properly completed and signed certificate from the previous owner, they just go online to update the dog into their name and the name of any co-owners.

AKC will notify all previous owners by email that there has been a change.  All new owners with a valid email address will receive a copy of the AKC E-Cert. The primary owner listed will receive the original paper AKC Certificate by mail.

The online option increases the likelihood that all transfers will be recorded, which protects ownership and the AKC registry.

While conducting the transfer, customers will have the opportunity to purchase additional products for the dog, including pedigrees and the lost and found recovery service.

Owners can still opt for the paper route, but now have a choice that will save time and postage fees.

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