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The 2018 AKC National Agility Championship took place March 23-25 in Reno, Nevada, and some All-American Dogs took home big awards. NAC Quicksilver Cherry on Top MX MXJ OF T2B owned by Angie Benacquisto of Ortonville, Michigan won first place in the 12-inch jump height regular, making her a two-time National Agility Champion.

Congratulations also to these All-American dogs who performed well in the finals:

4-inch jump height, Preferred, 2nd place:
PNAC MACH9 PACH3 Logan Lake Hope MXC2 MJG3 MXP8 MXPG MJP8 MJPG PAX3 XF T2B CGC owned by Kimberly Barton of Johnstown, OH

16-inch jump height, Preferred, 7th place:
MACH Roula MXS MJS MXP MJP2 MJPB MXF T2B2 owned by Ann-Marie Moore of San Francisco, CA

16-inch jump height, Regular, 3rd place:
MACH T.N.T. MXB MJB owned by Shenna Lemche of Cedar, MN

16-inch jump height, Regular, 9rd place:
Ontarget’s Born To Be Rebel MX MXJ NF owned by Gosia Skowron of Salt Lake City, UT