6 Dog Breeds with Beards

In honor of start of Movember, we're putting wags and whiskers centerstage. Here are six stately dog breeds that boast some seriously awesome beards. 


Airedale Terrier: Look at at those muttonchops! No wonder he's called the "King of Terriers." 

Airedale Terrier - Dog breeds with beards


Miniature Schnauzer: Who can resist the bushy beard (and, seriously, the EYEBROWS) on this guy? We are highlighting the miniature, but allow us to give a shout-out to the Standard and Giant varieties of Schnauzers, too. 

Miniature Schnauzer - dog breeds with beards


German Wirehaired Pointer:  Here's a language lesson—the German word for beard is bart. 


Brussels Griffon: This Brussels' got bristles. 


Bearded Collie: The name says it all! 


Scottish Terrier: All hail the Scottish scruff.