Chinese Shar-PeiCare

The short, harsh coat needs regular brushing and bathing; ears, skin folds must be kept clean and dry.

An intelligent and often stubborn breed, Shar-Pei ownership needs careful consideration. They are bright and learn quickly, but early training and socialization are important, as is daily exercise. Shar-Pei are clean dogs that require little more grooming than an occasional bath, regular ear cleaning and toe nail clipping.

nutrition &FEEDING

Depending on the size of your dog as an adult you are going to want to feed them a formula that will cater to their unique digestive needs through the various phases of their life. Many dog food companies have breed-specific formulas for small, medium, large and giant breeds. The Shar-Pei is a medium breed and has a lifespan of 12 to 14 years.

What you feed your dog is an individual choice, but working with your veterinarian and/or breeder will be the best way to determine frequency of meals as a puppy and the best adult diet to increase his longevity. Clean, fresh water should be available at all times.


They are a wash-and-wear breed that is clean and requires little more grooming than an occasional bath, regular ear cleaning and toe nail clipping. Their fast-growing nails should be trimmed regularly to avoid overgrowth and cracking. The ears also need frequent cleaning due to the tightly folded earflap. Their ears should be checked regularly to avoid a buildup of wax and debris which can result in an infection. Teeth should be brushed regularly.

coat length Short
grooming Occasional Grooming

energy &EXERCISE

Resembling squirming, wrinkly baby hippos, Nothing is cuter than Shar-Pei pups. But these little butterballs will grow into strong, regal, independent dogs famous for their intelligence and loyalty. The old guarding instinct remains strong: Shar-Pei are suspicious of strangers and other dogs. They’re generally calm, but will meet a perceived threat with tenacity and vigor. Early training and socialization are essential—a dominant adult Shar-Pei without them is a serious problem waiting to happen. This is a fascinating but challenging dog.

energy level Some Exercise

Chinese Shar-Pei &HEALTH

Choose a veterinarian who is knowledgeable about Shar-Pei. Ask your breeder about local vets or contact members of your local Shar-Pei club. Don't forget routine vaccinations, rabies shots and regular checkups. Shar-Pei thrive on high quality dog kibble. Some Shar-Pei have various food and other allergies.

The Chinese Shar-Pei Club of America (CSPCA) has developed a veterinary guide that is designed for your vet and upon request, will be mailed to your vet at no cost. It covers the special needs of the Shar-Pei. For detailed information regarding recommended feeding and health care regimens, please contact your veterinarian or refer to the CSPCA web site.