meet theCavalier King Charles Spaniel

You can’t help being enchanted by the big, twinkling eyes of the Cavalier, a gentle, pint-sized bundle (13 to 18 pounds) of tail-wagging joy. Friendly and easily trained, the Cavalier is an ideal companion for families with young children and other pets. "Sex and the City" fans will recognize this breed as the same as Charlotte’s dog, Elizabeth Taylor, but they first gained popularity as the preferred pet of King Charles II and still appear frequently on the UK Kennel Club’s list of most popular breeds.


Training &Temperament

The breed is adaptable in their need for exercise, happy with either sleeping on the couch or taking long walks. The Cavalier does not demand more than a loving home…and a fenced yard. Cavaliers are not reliable to obey commands if they are too busy chasing butterflies or birds, so a good fence is a must. Well-behaved children are happy companions, but parent must be careful that the kids are not too rough on their small charges.

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Did You Know?

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is AKC's 140th breed.

The Cavalier became fully recognized by the AKC in 1995.

The Cavalier was featured on the hit HBO series, "Sex and the City", as Charlotte York's dog.

The Cavalier was a favorite of King Charles I of Britain (the breed's namesake).

When the house of Stuart fell, it became a political liability to be associated with the dogs of King Charles (the Tudors favored the Pug), and the Cavalier breed became extremely rare.

Queen Victoria brought back the breed, but the Cavalier had changed radically from its original form; the original version of the breed had all but disappeared.

colors & Markings

Below is a list of the colors and markings available for this breed. Please refer to the breed standard for descriptions and the difference in types.


Description Desc. Standard Colors Std. Colors Registration Code Reg. Code
Black & Tan 018
Black & White 019
Blenheim 364
Ruby 365


Description Desc. Standard Markings Std. Markings Registration Code Reg. Code
Tan Markings 012
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Dog Names
Female puppy Male puppy