Carolina DogCare

nutrition &FEEDING

The Carolina Dog is a low maintenance dog requiring basic canine necessities of all dogs such as food, water, shelter, and prefers to spend time with its human pack.

Carolina Dogs require a healthy and balanced diet. Feeding should be adequate to maintain a healthy weight.


Minimal grooming is needed. Dogs tend to keep themselves clean much like a cat; however, occasional bathing may be necessary. Dogs do not require any special grooming techniques other than brushing and nail trimming Coat length is short to medium, however; some dogs, generally those in the northern regions have developed a longer hair length. Coat density is affected seasonally—generally heavier in the cooler months and lighter in the warmer months. In cooler months, there should be a very pronounced undercoat. Short and smooth hair on the head, ears and front legs. Coarse long guard hairs are on the neck, withers and back. When aroused, these hairs stand erect.

coat length Medium
grooming Occasional Grooming

energy &EXERCISE

Like any other dog, the Carolina Dog requires exercise. They excel in competitive activities, hunting small game and are easily trainable. Energy level: These are not high energy dogs, but should have some form of daily exercise. Medium build--about 17 3/4” to 19 ½” at withers but can vary according to build. Approximately 30-55 pounds, but can vary according to build and gender. Females are slightly smaller than males, but the genders overlap in size and build.

energy level Some Exercise

Carolina Dog &HEALTH

In general Carolina Dogs enjoy good health; however, recent studies have shown that some are ivermectin sensitive.