The short, smooth coat should be brushed once a week; the wrinkly face should be wiped daily.

Bulldogs are recognized as excellent family pets because of their tendency to form strong bonds with children. They tend to be gentle and protective. The breed requires minimal grooming and exercise. Their short nose makes them prone to overheating in warm weather, so make sure to provide a shady place to rest.

nutrition &FEEDING

Depending on the size of your dog as an adult you are going to want to feed them a formula that will cater to their unique digestive needs through the various phases of their life. Many dog food companies have breed-specific formulas for small, medium, large and giant breeds. The Bulldog is a medium breed and has a lifespan of 10 to 12 years.

What you feed your dog is an individual choice, but working with your veterinarian and/or breeder will be the best way to determine frequency of meals as a puppy and the best adult diet to increase his longevity. Clean, fresh water should be available at all times.


Regular cleaning of the face and ears will keep the Bulldog healthy and looking good. Having handy pet wipes at the ready will make this daily process a breeze. Their nails should be trimmed regularly with a nail clipper or grinder to avoid overgrowth and cracking. Their ears should be checked regularly to avoid a buildup of wax and debris which can result in an infection. Skin fold should be cleaned regularly to avoid infection. Teeth should be brushed regularly.

coat length Short
grooming Weekly Grooming

energy &EXERCISE

​Since the end of the Bulldog’s gladiatorial career, the breed has been re-conceived as a sweet and mellow pet who’s especially fond of children. They can weigh up to 50 pounds, but that won’t stop a Bulldog from curling up in your lap, or at least trying to. But don’t mistake their easygoing personality for laziness—Bulldogs enjoy walks and need regular moderate exercise (and a careful diet) to stay trim. Summer afternoons are best spent in front of an air-conditioner as a Bulldog’s short snout can make breathing difficult in extreme heat and humidity.

energy level Some Exercise

Bulldog &HEALTH

Like all breeds there may be some health issues. Because of their brachycephalic (short-nosed) build, bulldogs frequently have breathing difficulties relating to their elongated soft-palate blocking their airways. If this develops into a chronic problem, a simple surgery can correct the blockage. Other health issues reported in bulldogs are, 'cherry eye' & skin infections which can be treated by cleaning the skin-folds regularly. Some dogs may be faced with these health challenges in their lives, but the majority of well-bred Bulldogs are healthy dogs.

Working with a responsible breeder, those wishing to own a Bulldog can gain the education they need to know about specific health concerns within the breed. Good breeders utilize genetic testing of their breeding stock to reduce the likelihood of disease in their puppies.