Bichon FriseCare

The Bichon is a naturally gentle, playful dog.

He loves activity and requires regular exercise. His hair grows continually and does not shed, so extensive grooming is a must to prevent mats. Bichons also tend to be a good breed for allergy sufferers.

nutrition &FEEDING

Depending on the size of your dog as an adult you are going to want to feed them a formula that will cater to their unique digestive needs through the various phases of their life. Many dog food companies have breed-specific formulas for small, medium, large and giant breeds. The Bichon Frise is a small breed and has a lifespan of 16 to 18 years.

What you feed your dog is an individual choice, but working with your veterinarian and/or breeder will be the best way to determine frequency of meals as a puppy and the best adult diet to increase his longevity. Clean, fresh water should be available at all times.


His hair grows continually and does not shed. When grooming the Bichon you have to remove the old hair by brushing and cut the new hair as it grows. Daily brushing and at least a monthly bath plus a haircut are musts for this breed. Bichons also tend to be a good breed for allergy sufferers.Their nails should be trimmed regularly to avoid overgrowth and cracking. Their ears should be checked regularly to avoid a buildup of wax and debris which can result in an infection. Teeth should be brushed regularly.

coat length Long
grooming Daily Grooming

energy &EXERCISE

Amiable and affectionate, these dogs make for wonderful family pets. They are easily trained and love to perform and please their people. Bichons are bundles of energy so they’ll need daily play sessions and walks—owners might even delight in watching their dog suddenly experience a burst of energy, known as the “Bichon Blitz,” during which they’ll comically sprint around their space. That period is usually followed by some serious cuddle time to satisfy their loveable side.

energy level Some Exercise

Bichon Frise &HEALTH

Like all breeds there may be some health issues. The Bichon is known to suffer early tooth loss and sometimes complications from gum infection if dental care is not a priority. Other health problems are allergies, including skin reactions and flea allergy; bladder infections; ear infections if the ear canal is not kept clean and free of hair; weakness in knee joints (patellar luxation); and genetic cataracts and other eye disease. Some dogs may be faced with these health challenges in their lives, but the majority of Bichon Frise are healthy dogs.

Working with a responsible breeder, those wishing to own a Bichon can gain the education they need to know about specific health concerns within the breed. Good breeders utilize genetic testing of their breeding stock to reduce the likelihood of disease in their puppies.