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Expert Advice: Cute & Funny 12 Photos That Prove The French Bulldog’s Personality Is Larger Than Life
The French Bulldog is an adorable pup. With his small body and big ears, it's pretty hard to resist pinching his little cheeks! Though short in stature, his personality is larger than life. Whether shown through living in a studio apartment or a full-acred home, these dogs have such a flexible lifestyle, and they are […] | February 19, 2016
Expert Advice: Cute & Funny Owner Throws A Snowball, But What Her Dog Does Next Will Have You LAUGHING
It's all fun and games until someone throws a snowball during a game of fetch. Now that is how worlds are destroyed. Rude.   .video-container { position: relative; padding-bottom: 56.25%; padding-top: 30px; height: 0; overflow: hidden; } .video-container iframe, .video-container object, .video-container embed { position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; width: 100%; height: 100%; } […] | February 11, 2016
Expert Advice: Cute & Funny Service Dog Has Best Reaction EVER When He Meets His Hero
It's pretty exciting when you get the chance to meet someone you look up to. For this Labrador Retriever puppy, that someone is the beloved Disney character, Pluto. Ace is a service dog in training with Guide Dogs of America who took his student hat off for a moment to have an adorable fan moment. .video-container […] | February 11, 2016
Expert Advice: Did You Know? The Best Winter Dog Sport Ever: Skijoring
Forget what you think you know about winter dog sports. While dog sledding races like the Iditarod might get most of the press, dog sledding isn't the only winter sport that humans and dogs enjoy together. You don't need to own a team of Northern breed sled dogs to enjoy dogsledding's simpler offshoot - skijoring. […] | February 2, 2016
Expert Advice: Cute & Funny 11 Things Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs Are Greater Than
What are Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs greater than? Well, the breed is described as faithful, dependale, and family-oriented. But these dogs are clearly greater than a lot of things, as these 11 images show: This chair.   A photo posted by Nigel The Swiss Mountain Dog (@swissmisternigel) on Jan 23, 2016 at 9:21am PST This […] | January 28, 2016
Expert Advice: General Health Is Throwing A Stick To Your Dog Dangerous?
A recent warning by the British Veterinary Association (BVA) claims that the time-honored tradition of throwing a stick to your dog can put your pet at risk of getting hurt. Sticks, the veterinarians claim, can puncture the dog’s mouth or cause other problems, like obstructions, splinters, and infections. "Our message is that these injuries are […] | January 22, 2016
Expert Advice: Did You Know? From Playtime to Singalongs: 9 Reasons to Love the Bluetick Coonhound
Elvis sang, "You ain't nothin' but a hound dog," but the Bluetick Coonhound is so much more! Easygoing and affectionate at home, he loves his family beyond anything…except maybe the scent of prey. He's a tireless hunter in the field and thrives on exercise and a job to do. And any Bluetick owner can tell […] | January 19, 2016
Expert Advice: Recipes Recipe: How to Make Your Own Paw Balm for Winter
To some dogs (especially breeds built for cold weather), there’s nothing more exciting than a romp around a snowy yard after a winter storm. But icy conditions of the yard or cold pavements can be damaging a pet’s paws. The national breed club for the Newfoundland, a large breed built for wintery work, shared with […] | January 15, 2016
Expert Advice: Cute & Funny 11 Images That Prove Life Is Never Boring With A Bearded Collie
The Bearded Collie isn't just any old shaggy dog. He's an energetic bundle of exuberance and affection (and often, mud, and wet hair). He may sometimes drive you crazy, but the laughter and love you'll share are worth it! Here are 11 images Beardie lovers will recognize: Bearded Collies are always ready for play. Snow? […] | January 14, 2016
Expert Advice: Cute & Funny Owner Made The CUTEST Video Following His Golden Retriever Puppy Through His First Year
When we celebrate our friends' birthdays, it's typical to post something on social media. Cooper the Golden Retriever's owner didn't want him feeling left out for his first birthday, so he shared this adorable video montage of their best memories from the past year. In six minutes, you will watch little Cooper's first year of life unfold […] | January 8, 2016

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