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teach your dog to play peekaboo
Expert Advice: Advanced Training Teach Your Dog to Play Peekaboo
AKC GoodDog Helpline Trainer Milena Barreto has taught her Standard Poodle, Phoebe, dozens of tricks, and Phoebe shows them off on her therapy dog visits. Here, Milena tells us how to teach the very cute trick of Peekaboo. Your dog will walk between your legs from behind and sit, peeping out from behind your legs. […] | January 10, 2015
Expert Advice: Basic Training 7 Items Pet Owners Need for Training
Kathy Santo, a dog trainer and AKC Family Dog columnist, offers tips on what to buy for your dog, whether you're training for Canine Good Citizen or just brushing up on the basics. TreatsFind out what treats motivate your dog most, and stock up on 'em. Also, have a mix of "regular" treats and "high-value" treats—the […] | December 17, 2014
Expert Advice: Common Behavior Issues How to Prevent Counter-Surfing
by Kathy Santo Mr. Pratt was the only person I’d ever met who was actually happy his dog was stealing his food. That’s because the 80-something-year-old had been seeing a psychologist to address the episodes of forgetfulness he recently started experiencing. Or so he thought. Each morning, Mr. Pratt would put his toasted bagel on […] | September 4, 2014
Taking a video of your dog
Expert Advice: Advanced Training Making Dog Videos: Lights, Camera, Action!
Tips for Shooting Unforgettable Dog Videos Dogs provide endless opportunities for hilarious or heartwarming videos. But a bad angle, messy background, or malfunctioning camera can ruin the moment, forever. We talked to two video pros about what beginners can do to improve their results. Naomi Boak, president of Boak & Co., is an Emmy award-winning […] | August 4, 2014
barking dog
Expert Advice: Common Behavior Issues How to Prevent Your Dog From Barking When Home Alone
A common problem but an annoying one: Your dog is well-behaved when you're home, but as soon as you leave, he can't seem to keep his mouth shut. It's driving your neighbors nuts. Instead of being ousted from the neighborhood, try these tricks, courtesy of Mary Burch, Ph.D., AKC's Canine Good Citizen and S.T.A.R. Puppy […] | July 8, 2014
Golden Retriever
Expert Advice: Cute & Funny 10 Things Only Golden Retriever Owners Understand
The family-friendly Golden Retriever is popular for a reason. They're exuberant, sweet, smart, and hard workers. They're good at everything they do, whether it's hunting, serving as guide dogs, or being devoted companions. It's no wonder that they're the number three most popular dog in the nation. Any Golden Retriever owner will tell you just […] | June 18, 2014
Expert Advice: Cute & Funny Stunning Photographs of Senior Dogs and the People Who Love Them
By Lisa Waddle Dogs have always been central to Jane Sobel Klonsky’s personal life, but only after a 38-year career as a sports and commercial photographer has she merged both her visual and canine passions. Her “Project Unconditional” is an attempt to document, through photos and short stories, the special relationship that exists between an […] | May 21, 2014
Expert Advice: Basic Training Teach Your Dog to Poop on Command
Being a dog owner is a wonderful, rewarding experience, but waiting for your dog to do his business while you’re standing in the middle of a rain or snow storm is one of the more frustrating aspects of dog ownership.  Believe it or not, you can actually teach your dog to poop on command! The […] | May 15, 2013
Expert Advice: Basic Training A Mentally Stimulated Dog Is a Happy Dog
You’ve probably heard the saying "a tired dog is a happy dog." I agree. But that statement doesn’t quite represent the full picture. A mentally stimulated dog is a happy dog. You go for long walks, you play fetch, and your dog is still full of energy. You don't know what to do. You've tried […] | January 1, 2009
Expert Advice: Cute & Funny 10 Things Only A Shetland Sheepdog Owner Would Understand
If you happen to have a Sheltie for a family member, you know these ten things to be true... 1. They are famous for their Sheltie smile.   2. They are so smart. They are always learning new tricks and trying to outsmart you (and sometimes they succeed).   3. They are the best watchdogs. […] | January 1, 2009

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