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Expert Advice: Did You Know? 5 Things That You Probably Don’t Know About Rottweilers
It's easier to misunderstand some breeds more than others. Many are pretty much what they seem to be: Greyhounds are fast. Golden Retrievers retrieve. American Water Spaniels love the water. Rottweilers are well known to be powerful, protective, and loyal, famous for their instinct for guarding. And they are those things. So much so that the […] | November 9, 2015
Expert Advice: News Meet Bailey: The Ghost-Hunting Dog of Savannah
Visitors and residents of Savannah, Georgia, who are hoping to catch a glimpse of something (or someone) otherworldly are getting a little help from a rather intuitive Golden Retriever. Bailey The Ghost Hunting Dog of Savannah accompanies his owner, Melynda Ware-Loomis, as she leads walking ghost tours of what is considered by some to be […] | October 27, 2015
Expert Advice: Did You Know? 10 Surprising Facts About Akitas
1- Before Akitas had an “official” breed name they were referred to simply as "snow country dogs." The breed originated from the snowy, rural, mountainous region of Japan, Akita and Odate, where they were used to hunt boar, elk, and the small Yezo bear. There is a museum in Odate devoted to the breed. Courtesy […] | October 15, 2015
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Expert Advice: Advanced Training Training Your Dog to Be a Therapy Dog
Training Your Dog to Be a Therapy Dog The AKC GoodDog! Helpline receives frequent inquiries about how to train dogs for therapy work. GDH Trainer Christie Canfield conducts therapy visits with her dog and also teaches therapy dog classes. She tells us the “who, what, when and how” of making a therapy dog. Because of […] | October 5, 2015
Expert Advice: Did You Know? Instead of a “Designer Breed,” Consider the Undoodle: The Otterhound
“Is that a labradoodle?” “No, it’s an Otterhound.” “A what? I never heard of them. What were they bred to do?” “Hunt river otters.” “Oh. My friend has a labradoodle.” Probably every Otterhound owner has been part of a conversation like this. “Doodles,” whether “labra–” or “golden–,” are a popular trend, as are a number […] | September 10, 2015
Expert Advice: Fun With Your Dog Free Online Classes Help Owners Teach Their Dogs to Do Tricks
Looking for a fun training project for dogs and owners? You might want to try out the “Do More With Your Dog” program created by famous Hollywood trainer and AKC competitor Kyra Sundance. This goal-oriented program creates a solid foundation of obedience in the format of learning simple tricks that owners keep track of and […] | August 31, 2015
Expert Advice: News Crazy for Collies? Then You’ll Go Wild Over This
If you love Lassie, you’d have been in heaven over the weekend of August 15, when 200 Collies converged on a little town in New Jersey for the annual celebration of the breed at Sunnybank, the home of Albert Payson Terhune. The author of Lad of Sunnybank and dozens of other books featuring unforgettable Collies, […] | August 20, 2015
Expert Advice: News Man Gives Everything to Care for 12 Military Dogs After Their Return From War
A dozen four-legged heroes bravely served our country overseas, saving thousands of American lives. But for the past year and a half, they’d been living in limbo at a kennel in Chester, Virginia, while a contract company who purchased the dogs from the Department of Defense tried to place them as therapy dogs. The new […] | July 29, 2015
detroit kennel club dog show returns to motor city june 2021
Expert Advice: Events Detroit Kennel Club Dog Show Returns to Motor City June 20–21
  After a one-year hiatus, the Detroit Kennel Club dog show returns to the Motor City this weekend with events Saturday and Sunday, June 20–21, at the Suburban Collection Showplace in the Detroit suburb of Novi, Michigan. This year’s show features a number of special attractions, including obedience and rally trials, demonstrations, AKC National Owner-Handled […] | June 19, 2015
Expert Advice: Did You Know? Courthouse Canines: Therapy Dogs Take the Stand
Therapy Dogs Can Help During Stressful Court HearingsCertified therapy dogs have proven their worth in providing comfort to seriously and terminally ill people. But therapy dogs have also ventured into the courtroom to help crime victims cope with the prospect of giving testimony. Twenty-six states now have programs in which therapy dogs are working in […] | May 20, 2015

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