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Expert Advice: News Canine Influenza Virus Notice
  This notice is being sent out to provide up-to-date and accurate information about the Canine Influenza Virus to help prevent the spread of the virus to healthy (unexposed) dogs. The information provided is not intended to alarm dog owners and handlers. There are recently confirmed cases of the Canine Influenza Virus (H3N2 strain) that […] | January 1, 2009
Expert Advice: Feature Maverick Crosses the Rainbow Bridge After His Third Bout With Cancer
Three months ago we learned of a resilient Golden Retriever named Maverick, who despite two bouts with lymphoma, was determined to not only live his life to the fullest, but with the help of his owners Joey and Allison Maxwell, spread love and inspiration everywhere he could. Unfortunately, after his cancer returned for a third […] | January 1, 2009
Expert Advice: Feature Meet Maverick: the Golden Retriever that Even Cancer Can’t Slow Down
Two weeks ago, Joey Maxwell and his wife Allison received the news no dog owner ever wants to hear: their beloved nine-year-old Golden Retriever Maverick's cancer had returned. Told by their veterinarian that they had days left with Mav, the Maxwells brought their precious pup home and prepared to say goodbye. But rather than focus […] | January 1, 2009

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