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Expert Advice: Grooming How to Pool-Proof Your Dog’s Coat
Dogs who take frequent dips in the family pool may suffer from dry, itchy skin and a dry, dull coat because the chemicals in pool water strip the skin and coat of their natural oils. Chlorinated water may also have a slight bleaching effect on dark coats, and could even turn lighter coats (gasp!) greenish. […] | June 13, 2013
Expert Advice: General Health Summertime Safety: Tips to Keep Your Canine Cool this Summer
As the weather warms up and the days get longer, most dog owners take the opportunity to spend more time outdoors with their four-legged friends.  The summer, however, poses certain dangers to Fido.  To help owners have a happy and safe season with their dogs, the American Kennel Club offers the following tips to avoid […] | June 4, 2013
Expert Advice: Travel Ten Tips for Traveling With Your Dog
By Kathy SantoBefore you hit the road this summer, heed these safety tips. Get the paperwork together. For long trips, you should carry a recent photo of your dog and a copy of his health records, listing all of his recent vaccinations. Also: a collar with his I.D. tags attached. If you’re planning on being […] | June 3, 2013
Expert Advice: Fun With Your Dog Summer Safety 101: Barbecue Season with Man’s Best Friend
Warm weather and barbecues seem to go hand-in-hand.  With summer right around the corner, you and your family may be getting ready to fire up the grill.  There is one member of the family, however, that you need to watch out for—the dog.  Your pooch can be invited to the barbecue, but there are important […] | May 30, 2013
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Expert Advice: Did You Know? Does the AKC Like Mixed Breeds?
We have nearly 250,000 ways of saying, “Yes, we do!” That’s how many dogs have been enrolled in the AKC Canine Partners mixed-breed program since 2009. AKC Canine Partners enables mixes to vie for AKC titles alongside purebreds. The program’s ongoing popularity proves without a doubt that not only does the AKC like mixed-breeds, but […] | January 1, 2009

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