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Expert Advice: Travel What to Look for When Boarding Your Puppy
  Steps To Finding The Right Place To Board Your Dog When finding a place to board your dog, it is important you find a location that is comfortable for both you and your dog. Check out these tips for finding the right space to board your dog. Ask if they are members of the American Boarding Kennels […] | March 10, 2015
dog shaving
Expert Advice: Grooming Is it OK To Shave Your Pet? (Plus: Breeds that Shed the Most and the Least)
Sheddding season has begun, and our friends at Vetstreet were wondering: How do owners handle that falling fur? Do they strike first by shaving their pets' coats? Or do they let nature take its course and just invest in an efficient vacuum? And, speaking of shedding, which dog breeds do experts think shed the most (and least)? They polled 2,160 readers […] | March 10, 2015
Expert Advice: Did You Know? Breed Spotlight: Busting Five Myths About the Great Pyrenees
AKC Gazette breed column, Great Pyrenees: While other Pyrenees people may have a different list than mine of common myths about our breed, I believe that most of us have heard all of the following things said. So here is my list of the top five untrue things about Great Pyrenees that are commonly heard. […] | February 10, 2015
Expert Advice: General Health How to Help Your Dog Cope With the End-of-Summer Blues
As the dog days of summer draw to a close and you find yourself dreaming about the lazy pace of the season just past, you need only look down at your dog to see that he too might be pining for the recent days gone by. Loss of appetite, separation anxiety, night pacing, digging, barking, […] | January 26, 2015
beat heat
Expert Advice: General Health 3 Ways to Help Your Dog Beat the Heat
Now that we're deep into the dog days of summer, your pet, like us, is feeling the heat. Help him keep cool with these three products given the stamp of approval by WOOFipedia editors: Freeze 'N Chew (free with the purchase of a $40 BFF Box through July 25)—We're having a heatwave—why not throw your dog a […] | January 19, 2015
Expert Advice: News Indianapolis Passes New Law to Protect Pets in Cold Weather
If you live in Marion County, Indiana, letting your pet outside alone to go to the bathroom could now land you in the doghouse. Dog owners in Indianapolis and surrounding areas can now face a fine and even lose their pet if they’re caught leaving their dog outside in extreme weather. A revised city ordinance […] | November 7, 2014
Dog park
Expert Advice: Basic Training Parks and Rex: Dog Run Safety Tips
With the longer and warmer days of summer comes more time spent outside with your dog. There are tons of activities you can do and places you can go together, and one popular excursion is going to the dog park. As a responsible dog owner, you need to make sure that your dog is safe when you […] | July 30, 2014
Expert Advice: News AKC Veterinary Outreach Program
The AKC Veterinary Outreach Program welcomes the veterinary community to the AKC website. Did you know that the AKC is the only registry for purebred dogs that routinely inspects breeders using its registry, and eliminates from the registry those who do not meet AKC standards for humane care and canine welfare? Did you know that […] | June 17, 2014
bbq safety tips
Expert Advice: Fun With Your Dog 5 Barbecue Safety Tips for Dog Owners
  The summer is finally upon us! With the warm weather comes outdoor cookouts and other chances for friends to gather (and maybe catch a fireworks show). Here are some things to keep in mind when planning your backyard bash. Make sure your dog can’t escape. It only takes one guest to leave a door […] | June 13, 2014
Expert Advice: Fun With Your Dog In the Swim of It: Swimming with Your Dog
It's summer, it's hot, and it's time for swimming with your dog. My dog Wyn loves swimming games. He will swim to fetch objects and bring them back and he's got a mean fraternity boy cannonball from the side of the pool. But Wyn's favorite activity is when I say, "Let's race," and swim beside him from the end of the pool […] | March 25, 2014

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