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Expert Advice: Natural Foods Dogs Can Adapt to a Vegetarian Diet…with Supplements
  Will a Meatless Diet Jeopardize Your Dog’s Health? As farmers’ markets blossom with a wider assortment of fresh fruit and vegetables during the summer months, many families choose to spice up the dinner menu with occasional vegetarian meals. But can the family dog handle a vegetarian diet? In general, dogs are omnivorous. They eat […] | June 1, 2015
Expert Advice: News The Greenwich KC All Breed Dog Show 83 Years Old In June
The Greenwich Kennel Club (GKC), one of the oldest all-breed dog clubs in the tri-state area of Connecticut, New York and New Jersey which held its first annual all-breed dog show in 1930, is in the final preparation stages for their 2015 annual outdoor dog show that is taking place on June 6th. This well-established […] | May 25, 2015
Expert Advice: Travel Camping With Dogs: Tips for Enjoying the Great Outdoors With Your Pup
Going camping is a popular family activity, and an increasing number of pet owners are including their dog in the fun. For those who plan to take their pet along for an outdoor adventure this summer, here are some canine camping safety tips: Pay a visit to the veterinarian before you go. Make sure your dog’s […] | May 20, 2015
Expert Advice: Puppy Health Puppy Teething Pain? There’s a Toy to Help With That
We're always being asked about behavioral, training and anxiety issues. Commonly reported issues like destructive chewing, separation anxiety and puppy teething can all be mitigated or even eliminated with doggie toys. We have some solutions to help make your job easier, and we’ll be sharing some of these tried and tested puppy-focused solutions with you […] | May 19, 2015
Tale of Two Beaucerons
Expert Advice: Did You Know? A Tale of Two Beaucerons
By Joan Harrigan and Susan BeegelMuch is demanded of show dogs – they must be adaptable, calm, and tolerant in addition to meeting the requirements of their breed standards. Two Beaucerons, both champions and exhibited at the 2011 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, have show careers that are secondary to their day-to-day work. For Beaucerons […] | May 19, 2015
Expert Advice: Flea & Tick Flea & Tick Prevention: 5 Reasons to Use Them This Summer
Spring has sprung and summer is peeking around the corner! As the chilly winter fades, the lure of the great outdoors calls to us and our family pets. Unfortunately, it also rings in the full-blown season of fleas, ticks and mosquitos. Let’s talk about the benefits of protecting our pets against these pesky parasites.   […] | May 15, 2015
Expert Advice: Did You Know? Dogs Give Us Lessons in Life and Death
By Mary Fish ArangoWhen you add a pet fish to family life, you’re pretty much guaranteeing lessons about changing the water, life’s need for oxygen, and the daily responsibility of feeding and caring for another living being. A little later, you step up the game and get a pet guinea pig, hamster, gerbil, or rat. […] | May 13, 2015
Expert Advice: Basic Training Training Your Dog to Come When Called
Livestock-guardian breeds like the Anatolian Shepherd Dog have been bred for centuries to work much of the time independently of man. It comes as no surprise, then, that of all the dog-training commands, the recall command (“come”)—the most important obedience lesson of all—is the most difficult one to teach them. First-time owners are often taken […] | May 11, 2015
Expert Advice: Lifestyle Winter Care for Canines
General ConcernsWinter's cold air brings many concerns for responsible dog owners. Keep the following precautions in mind: Don't leave your dog outside in the cold for long periods of time. Wind chill makes days colder than actual temperature readings. Be attentive to your dog's body temperature, and limit its time outdoors. Adequate shelter is a […] | May 4, 2015
Expert Advice: General Health Keeping Dogs Cool During The Summer
ASK AKC  Dear AKC: This summer's heat has been hard on my three Alaskan Malamutes. I give them avid brushing, a puppy pool along with ample water and shade. But their skin suffers from "hot spots" and I've been told shaving the dogs down is not good for them. Can you suggest something to keep them […] | May 2, 2015

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