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junior akc rally national championship
Expert Advice: Sports Meet a Junior Competitor in the 2018 AKC Rally National Championship
Some of the country’s best rally competitors will be gathered together in Wilmington, Ohio, on Friday, June 29, for the 2018 AKC Rally® National Championship. Although she’s only 16 years old, Skye Marvin is one of those handlers. Even more impressive, Skye is entering not one dog, but two. The first is her Cairn Terrier named […] | June 25, 2018
AKC Rally and Obedience
Expert Advice: Sports Two Rally and Obedience Competitors Talk Juggling Both at the AKC National Championships
When it comes to the dog sports of AKC Rally® and Obedience, both are thrilling sights to behold. Obedience is like a silent, choreographed routine in which the dogs show a willingness and enjoyment to be working with their handlers, who use very few verbal commands, creating a rather awe-inspiring presentation. Though many dogs have […] | June 19, 2018
Sports & Events The Road to Best in Show
Showing dogs is a fun sport where the thrill of competition is combined with the joy of seeing beautiful dogs. Dog shows, or conformation events, originated as a way for breeders to evaluate their breeding stock. While the purpose remains, dog shows are a great opportunity to socialize with people in your breed and develop […] | June 18, 2018
nova gun dog championship winner 2017
Expert Advice: News Meet the Handler Behind the Winner of the 2017 Gun Dog Championship
Field trials are all about letting a dog do what comes naturally in a competitive setting. For the Pointing Breeds that means finding birds and showing off their courage, stamina, and keen desire to hunt.  Since 1993, the AKC Gun Dog Championship continues to be one of the largest and most prestigious pointing all breed field trial championship in […] | March 22, 2018
Border Collie leaping over an agility pole.
Expert Advice: News Survey Says: 9 Dog Agility Stats that Prove the Odds Are in Your Favor
The joy of four furry legs outstretched, flying like a superhero over a Bar Jump. The intense energy of a dog zig-zagging through a series of Weave Poles. The heart-stopping second that a dog stops at the edge of the Seesaw just before it tilts down. The exhilaration of a dog agility run simply has […] | March 16, 2018
Sports & Events Event Search & Results Updates
Some exciting changes have been made to AKC Event Search & Results that we wanted to let you know about. WHY DID WE MAKE THESE UPDATES? These updates are all based on user feedback we’ve received from exhibitors like you. We’ve listened to your suggestions on how we could improve AKC Event Search & Results and worked […] | February 23, 2018
Apps Events Calendar
This is the master calendar for all AKC-sanctioned and AKC-sponsored dog sports events in the United States and its territories. You can search the calendar by event type, breed, location, and month. Event Type is the controlling and default category. After you've selected an event type (select just one!), you can narrow your search using […] | November 1, 2017

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