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Expert Advice: Did You Know? The Mastiff Breeds
Majestic. Massive. Muscular. Mastiffs are among some of the oldest breeds known to humans. They feature in legend, as well as recorded history, and were among the first canines to accompany humans on their migrations across the globe. The mastiff family is full of powerful breeds, each with its own unique personality. Mastiffs have been […] | March 29, 2017
Expert Advice: Common Conditions What Every Owner Should Know About Parvo in Dogs
Parvo is every new puppy and dog owner’s worst nightmare. In a matter of days, a perfectly healthy puppy can go from playful and active to fatally ill. Parvo in dogs is a preventable disease, however, all new puppy owners and breeders need to be aware of the risks of parvo, how to prevent it, […] | March 29, 2017
Expert Advice: Advanced Training Shaping With Your Dog – Fun Things to Do With a Box
Shaping is a great way to teach your dog how to problem solve. Many dogs get stuck in the trap of waiting to be told what to do or waiting for a cookie to appear in front of their nose and lure them to the correct position. While luring is a great training technique, there's […] | March 17, 2017
Expert Advice: Advanced Training Dig This! Ways to Save Your Yard from Canine Excavating Projects
With nice spring weather not far away, many dogs will be spending more time in their backyards. What’s one of their favorite outdoor pastimes? Digging! Here are some ideas to help you and your dog agree on landscaping decisions. First, some of the reasons dogs dig: To pursue animals like moles, chipmunks, gophers, and rabbits. […] | March 17, 2017
Expert Advice: Did You Know? 6 Fascinating Facts to Learn About the Welsh Springer Spaniel
The Welsh Springer Spaniel, also known as the Welsh Springer or the Welshie, is an active hunting dog with a loyal and agreeable personality. He is built to work hard all day long and has an intelligent and kind expression. Here are seven fascinating facts about this compact breed with the gorgeous red and white […] | March 16, 2017
Expert Advice: Did You Know? Meet the Loyal and Intelligent Cesky Terrier
The short-legged but muscular Cesky Terrier is relatively rare in the United States, with less than 600 dogs to be found in the country. These fairly small terriers are sensitive and full of energy, but are not quite as excitable as some other terrier breeds. Cesky is pronounced "chess-key" after the breed’s country of origin, […] | March 9, 2017
Expert Advice: Cute & Funny A Story of Golden Retriever Love
We're here to tell you a story of Golden Retriever love. And trust us—it's a good one. Our story begins with a Golden Retriever and a cat. A strange pairing? At least that's what you would think. But in this case, it's a pair filled with sweetness and cuddles. Take a look.   .video-container { […] | March 6, 2017
Expert Advice: Basic Training The Benefits of AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Training Classes
You’ve brought your new puppy home, purchased the right food, a leash and collar, and all other the essentials you’ve been told you need. But what’s next? You’ve heard that it’s important to get your new dog off to a good start, but you’re not exactly sure what that means. Experienced dog owners can tell […] | March 6, 2017
Expert Advice: Advanced Training So You Want to Have a Therapy Dog? (Part One)
Therapy dog service is very rewarding for the owners and dogs and the recipients of the unconditional puppy love. Not every dog is cut out to become a certified therapy dog, but there is a lot you can do to start working towards that goal, even with a young puppy. It is never too early […] | February 22, 2017
Expert Advice: Events Meet the Junior Competitor Who Balances School, Agility, and a Trip To Westminster
Ever wonder if there's anything you can do to strengthen the bond between you and your dog? Maybe you want him to be better socialized, or maybe you want to teach him some tricks. Maybe, you just want an activity for the two of you to do together that's fun and engaging. Well luckily, for […] | February 17, 2017

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